February 2014 News

Hot New Freight

You get the goods. Transport the haul, bring it to where the customer desires and collect your earnings. Sounds simple, doesn't it? The thing is, space is a dangerous place, even in and of itself - never mind the deadly, greedy scum that inhabits it - in PassTech Games' upcoming Space Run.

Driven To Two

Thrust again into the galaxy. In the never-ending search for new frontiers, new life, great richess and the unknown - such is the drive behind our species and also that of the now revealed StarDrive 2.

To Gain Renown

Would you like to be famous? Do you aspire to leave the entire world in awe of your findings? Then your journey may take you to far away places in Abbey Games' just revealed Renowned Explorers: International Society.

Unite And Conquer

Strength in unity lies. This is something history has shown time and again, namely in the form of some very mighty civilizations, often spearheaded by, uh, colourful individuals like Genghis Khan. Well, in a futuristic way, you'll soon be in a position to dare attempt a similar feat of unification, in Arcen Games' upcoming The Last Federation.

For the Civilized Completionist

Many came before, many yet to come. A safe enough prediction to make regarding not only real-world civilizations themselves but also the numerous expansions and DLC packs that graced turn-based strategy game Civilization V, all of which and more we shall be able to hoard in a new edition.

Infectious Evolution

We all saw it coming. One day there would be no avoiding it and the world would struggle not to subside and ultimately collapse when faced with the spread of a terrifying disease. The thing is you're to start it all yourself in Plague Inc: Evolved.