2012 News

A Kind of Magic

The magical realm of Ardania sees a spell of restoration. The Council of Mages at InoCo Plus has seen fit to grace their well-received turn-based strategy game Warlock: Master of the Arcane with a sparkling patch.

A Fantastical Command

Your powers of leadership shall be put to the test in Fantasy Kommander - Eukarion Wars. Steeped in the traditions of turn-based wargaming and boardgaming this Age of Games offering is now nearing completion after two years of development.

Birthing A Star

Solar War almost went by unnoticed. That really shows how jaded we are these days doesn't it? Yet, to our good fortune, in the far reaches of indie space Snipefish Entertainment is indeed plotting away to bring us this one more star to the ever-expanding turn-based strategy universe.

Taking The Fall

Wastelands Interactive is intent on tackling an invasion. Strategically, they shall be doing it with the very first title of their brand new franchise, The Campaign Series, titled Fall Weiss, which has been under development for about 10 months now.

Merriment In The Trenches

Forget mud and gloom, here's an update for the platoon. We just caught a carrier pigeon who had somehow gone astray and the message we have from High Command at Battlefront.com is a cheery one regarding their Strategic Command - WWI Breakthrough!

From Slumber Rising

Intent on resurgence is Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! This well-accomplished board game adaptation by Western Civilization Software is being refreshed with the arrival of the impressive v1.14 update.

A Glow To Offer

Amplitude Studios comes bearing gifts. Parting the darkness at a peaceful time they say those offerings, packaged as they are in this third free add-on to their Endless Space 4X strategy game, named Lights of Polaris, are the produce of the work of Expert Light Fabricators.

Hear the Call

Gather around and listen up, men. The developers at Digitalmindsoft have an announcement to make about the future of the Men of War series and how that involves bringing combat to the present day in their new project named Call to Arms.

What a Band!

They don't play guitar on the MTV, but they sure rock. Kiritsu Games' elite Band of Drones certainly looks like a class act and we have reason to believe they're going places with their eclectic mix of tactical jamming and distinctive character building.

From Beyond The Grave

Samurai afterlife is not something to keep quiet about. Not if the developers at 17-BIT have anything to say about it, given the celebratory unearthing of a brand new website for their turn-based strategy game Skulls of the Shogun.

About To Draw

You won't need your poker face for this one. But it will help if you can keep your cool, know your hand and stick to your strategy as Might & Magic Duel of Champions is a free-to-play online collectible card game.

Probing Orbital Mayhem

This one almost slipped by our planetary defences. The radar contact we're talking about is Targem Games' Planets Under Attack, which has launched a quaintly named 'trial version' of this strategy title not long ago.

Fancy an Upgrade?

Battlefront.com wants you warring at another level. If you own Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy then you might well want to upgrade the tactical world War II ground warfare simulation to v2.0.

Turning To Crimson

There will be blood in Unity of Command's DLC. Figuratively speaking, of course, as we are referring to Red Turn, which has 2x2 Games' operational-level wargame making an about-face to put you in charge of things in a massive Soviet campaign, on the the road to Berlin.

Enter The Wealthy

Patricians, rejoice, for your time is at hand. Ever keen on evening out the playing field, Paradox Interactive has proclaimed a world of new opportunities is to be introduced in their third expansion to Crusader Kings II, christened The Republic.