April 2014 News

Anti-Termination Simulation

This might not end well. An aggressive, superiorly equipped alien enemy will unfailingly seek confrontation to expedite our complete obliteration, so if we are to stand a chance the way to go is reportedly by resorting to the Human Extinction Simulator.

Darkly On Approach

There's always the other side. Two sides to every story, the other face of the coin, a shadow for every light, and so it is that we are called upon to fully embrace a different perspective in 1C Company's upcoming King's Bounty: Dark Side.

To Boldly Go Further

We're destined to go beyond. Past our home system and out into the stars in the now revealed new AAA offering coming from the Firaxis constellation, named Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Of Terrors Roman

Empires will tremble. The great forces under your supervision will collide with the enemy and only the greatest of commanders shall emerge victorious in the just revealed Alea Jacta Est – Hannibal: Terror of Rome.