2014 News

We Welcome The Deadly

Victory or death. There is no possible middle-ground in Screwfly Studios' daring title Deadnaut, "a challenging, character-driven game of complex strategy, cunning tactics, dynamic missions and customisation".

Defying Depth

How can it be? How can it so deceptively remain hidden behind such a plainly pretty facade, the immense layering of a title the likes of Shallow Space and all it proposes to embrace.

By The Book

This has got to be done right. That's all I'm saying. If you're going to write a book on the making of a classic the likes of Sir-Tech Software's Jagged Alliance 2, then that's your mission. Mr. Darius Kazemi took the contract.

Across The Board

The extent of the invasion impresses. No matter where you are in the world, know this - the aliens are mercilessly coming to assail you anew by means of Fantasy Flight Games' XCOM: The Board Game.

To Cruise Victorious

You're shipping out, Captain. In Evil Twin Artworks' Victory at Sea you will steer your forces and keep them on course for ultimate triumph in this upcoming PC adaptation of the well-known WWII table top naval miniatures combat game.

Of Piercing Discharge

You shall be in the thick of it. Taking command in multiple instances throughout that great conflict that became known as The Thirty Years War, which is to be the central subject of Slitherine's upcoming Pike & Shot.

Mad, You Say?

The monster will be unleashed. And then nothing and nobody will stand in the way or dispute your conquests and glory. Others may dare attempt equal feat, only to be crushed by the ultimate superiority afforded you by Kerberos Productions' upcoming potential smash hit Kaiju-a-Gogo.

Anti-Termination Simulation

This might not end well. An aggressive, superiorly equipped alien enemy will unfailingly seek confrontation to expedite our complete obliteration, so if we are to stand a chance the way to go is reportedly by resorting to the Human Extinction Simulator.

Darkly On Approach

There's always the other side. Two sides to every story, the other face of the coin, a shadow for every light, and so it is that we are called upon to fully embrace a different perspective in 1C Company's upcoming King's Bounty: Dark Side.

To Boldly Go Further

We're destined to go beyond. Past our home system and out into the stars in the now revealed new AAA offering coming from the Firaxis constellation, named Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Of Terrors Roman

Empires will tremble. The great forces under your supervision will collide with the enemy and only the greatest of commanders shall emerge victorious in the just revealed Alea Jacta Est – Hannibal: Terror of Rome.

To The West

It's time to go back. SEGA has heard many fans and their wishes to return to the place where it all began, and the response comes with the unveiling of a new stand-alone multiplayer title - Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies.

Gloriously Averting Damnation

Gather your warband. You are to seize control of fulcral areas and gain access to precious resources in Rogue Factor's now disclosed Mordheim: City of the Damned.

Closely To Follow

Deploy and seek passage. That was the mission then and so it is now as the folks at Slitherine look to deliver one more title in a very well known series with their upcoming Close Combat: Gateway to Caen.

Oozing Evolution

Reinvention is on the way. Courtesy of Petroglyph Games and Grey Box a potentially new evolutionary step is about to be taken with the just revealed Grey Goo, an upcoming game with a definite progressive bent but also strong foundations on solid RTS gameplay.