May 2012 News

Never Out Of Faction

Four new factions arise in a divided 19th century Japan. We are of course talking of the Faction Pack DLCs now available through Steam for the Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai expansion.


New DLC for Warlock: Master of the Arcane has now sprang into view. It's called Power of the Serpent and has been released today, bringing reptilian might to your merciless claws.

Seeing Red

Frozen Synapse's DLC, Red, is out now, containing co-op play, the riot shield, 6 additional music tracks by nervous_testpilot, new original music tracks “Deeper” and “Focus” and the infamous “Red Mode” (it makes things red) among a long list of other features.

A Cresting Crescent

A new light is about to shine upon Crusader Kings 2's faithful. After yesterday's release of the v1.05g Patch via auto-update we now catch wind of what the 1.06 update shall bring and that it will be released alongside the first expansion: Sword of Islam.

Strategically Poised

Fancy a strategic discount? Now's the time to get one. Wastelands Interactive has announced that their turn-based grand strategy game Strategic War in Europe will be coming out by June 8th, but pre-orders are now avaible at a nice 25% off.

Mech Up!

Our intel services have secured new MechWarrior Tactics imagery. Comprising classified information such as mech bios and quality renders this update will have you itching to field your lance!

Back On The Chart

See how Magna Mundi is making itself known to the world again. After a considerable interregnum away from the public eye, this grand strategy offering that aims to deliver dynamic, open-ended gameplay while retaining historical congruence and a believable narrative resurfaces.

Look, A Fiver

Five new shots and a look at Company Of Heroes 2. That look is by Mr. Adam Smith from Rock, Paper, Shotgun and the revelation the game proved to be in his visit to Vancouver to see Relic's presentation.

Get Your Forty Five

The Soviet army is here, with Grand Campaign '45 East. This freshly released seventh DLC pack for the renowned turn-based strategy game Panzer Corps will have us defending the Fatherland and increasingly under siege.

XCOM Enemy Unknown in stores October 2012

2K just announced on their blog that Enemy Unknown will be released on October 9th in the US and on the 12th worldwide.

The blog also details lots of goodies for pre-orders, such as the Elite Soldier Pack with unique features (according to the post, it includes the Blonde Hairdo Soldier) and a Special Edition with tons of stuff.

Filling That Void

Come and get your fill of Starvoid. With plenty of pre-alpha footage now at hand you can better gauge how fierce the dispute for the rare spaceship fuel is to be and how to flex your commanding mercenary muscle to get it.

Gather 'Round, Men

Listen up - good news from the Unity of Command camp. There's now a demo available for this operational level wargame to let you oversee the proceedings on the eastern front yourself and also a special sale.

Man Your Trenches!

It's time to go over to the Gratuitous Tank Battles front lines. So says Mr. Cliff Harris of Positech Games regarding his freshly released World War I tower defense/RTS/simulation hybrid.

Going Cyber

A new stage has been reached in Brain Candy's Fray. Alpha is done with and now a feature-complete Beta 1 is here giving you yet another reason to enter this 'combat module cyber-environment'.

How About Red?

Increase your Jagged Alliance tactical palette with Shades of Red. This DLC for Back In Action offers over an hour of action-packed play time.