October 2012 News

Soul Searching To Begin

Oversoul is looking to have you in the cards. Yes, possession is involved in the offering, but the purpose of Indie development studio Artix Entertainment's pursuit today is only to gather some daring souls who might be willing to participate in the public beta test of their game.

Eager to Spawn

Natural Selection II can't wait to hatch. Years of development at Unknown Worlds Entertainment and extensive beta testing are about to result in what is expected to be a major evolution in this hybrid multiplayer FPS/RTS game series.

Slicing Through

Prepare to learn from the sharp in Hero Academy. If you want to make the cut in Robot Entertainment's famed turn-based multiplayer tactical game then you need to be aware of the upcoming introduction of the Shaolin team alongside some other matters of study.

A War Invitation

Battle Academy has a provocation for you. If, unexplainably, you haven't yet experienced the warring joys on offer in this much lauded turn-based tactical strategy game, or you just couldn't recruit a friendly for a brief game over tea, now excuses are no more.

More To Master

Fancy some sight-seeing? Snowbird Game Studios is only too happy to indulge in their latest clip, which takes us once again to Eador: Masters of the Broken World, their upcoming turn-based strategy game in order to convey what strategic elements shall require your mastery.

Are You Ready To Pack?

Soon you'll have more to contend with in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Showing thick-skulled aliens their place is, as we know, often a difficult task to succeed at with any definitiveness, but it's not like we aren't keen on doing it, so to our good fortune Firaxis will shortly have additional assignments for us.

Enchantment Cast

Out to charm you today is Fallen Enchantress. Promising to sate everyone's twisted turn-based strategy cravings with its dark fantasy setting this just-released new title invites us once again to step into the world of Elemental.

Going West

Gratuitous Tank Battles goes World War II. Positech Games has just released The Western Front, a new expansion to this very well received tower defense/RTS/simulation hybrid which is fittingly packed to the brim with warring implements.

New Shades Of Old

Ancient Shadows come to AI War. This fourth expansion is about to come to light today, adding with its release some more heft to Arcen Games' already meaty real-time strategy game, while simultaneously bringing things to version 6.0.

Turning Red

Unity of Command is heating up again. 2x2 Games' operational-level wargame has made its way through the hex-laden World War II battlefield to conquer a position in Steam and, among other things, HQ reports that new DLC is also nearing boiling point.

The Last Hurrah

Legacy of Rome is not to be forsaken. This freshly released latest expansion to Crusader Kings II is all about the final breath of the mighty Roman empire and how well you can rise to the occasion at the head of the Byzantine Empire.

Of Timeless Charm

Talisman Prologue beckons. There must be some magic still in the world because Nomad Games Limited has secured the rights from Games Workshop to develop a digital version of the famed Talisman strategy role-playing board game.

Which Way to Valhalla?

We pursue King's Bounty: Warriors of the North. Katauri Interactive's continuation of the famed turn-based strategy series seemed to dash into the snowy viking landscapes without much of a trace, but a sighting has occurred.

Pampered Again

The sign reads Grand Campaign '42-'43 West. And what it means is we are again being spoilt silly by the work of The Lordz Games Studio with the release of a fresh new DLC pack for the much-medalled Panzer Corps turn-based strategy game, which has, itself, also received an update, upping it to version 1.11.

War Without A Cost

Strategic War in Europe is to escalate with free DLC. How could you not love free, right? So take note that Wastelands Interactive is generously preparing to field Strategic War in Europe: 1945 which will land you in a what-if situation.