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This is the Rebalance mod. It adds a lot of new stuff to Aftermath and edit more. It's the predecessor to the Combo-Mod, and well worth a look!

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Filesize 17,527 kB
Author Aralez
Version 6.8
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5 Aug 2007 - 8:45pm
The latest version of the RB mod I have around is this one. I think that was Aralez's last release before the Combo-Mod.
5 Aug 2007 - 1:12am
Is this the 8-March-2005 7:45 pm Version that is on the Link? or the Latest is on a Different Topic.

So I can download the right one. Which version is it?
12 May 2004 - 8:25pm
Updated report:

Here and on the new Altar forum, people attributed my CTD's to the new Nvidia (5656) display drivers, or possibly the newly updated nForce drivers.


I have had to wait awhile, but now I was finally able to download a new and even more modern graphics driver (5672) from the maker of my graphics card, instead of using the generic (5656) drivers that I got from the Nvidia web site.

I currently have outside commitments and deadlines, so I haven't done all that well at testing.  And, despite the five or six fans that are going inside my case, my computer has been getting rather warm lately, as summer approaches, so I haven't been doing as much game playing anyway.

But, it will be interesting to see if my new graphics drivers will run the Rebalance without any crash-to-desktop surprises.  So far, so good, after a couple of test runs.  But, I need to mount the Colt M4 Grenades on a soldier and give that a try.

I imagine that any new weapons models that might be forthcoming would change the flavor or the mix as well, maybe for the better.  Time will tell.
12 May 2004 - 3:30pm
good luck and thanks :(
11 May 2004 - 7:45pm
I am fixing it now. Seems that several sections of the site disappeared when the site moved... :(. Welcome back by the way!
11 May 2004 - 4:52pm
the download page on the first page do not seem to work.

where can I get the RB mod ?

thanks a lot :(
15 Apr 2004 - 7:01pm
As i said i will not mod UFOAM anymore (for some time), as i try to re-release an old project of me for another game.

Maybe if the patch 1.4 arrives or someone develops a model editor i'll be back.
15 Apr 2004 - 7:02am
Nine missions, and five bases.  No frozen aliens.

But, I have been seeing quite a few %d's in the capture lists.  I'm beginning to wonder if they are the result of picking up some of the equipment off of dead aliens.  I picked up a LurkerGun and a BFG4500 from a couple of Morelmen that I ambushed, and I stuck the LurkerGun in a backpack because I can't use it yet, and the BFG4500 I used to win the ninth mission.  So, when I am done, the capture list tells me that I have captured a BFG4500 and a LurkerGun, but there are also two separate %d's in the capture list, which made me wonder if the one %d was the LurkerGun in the backpack and the other %d the BFG4500 in my hands.  It can't give them to me twice, yet since they are now in my inventory and being used, it has to label them, so it labels them %d?  Made me wonder.

Thankfully, no weirdness in the inventory from the %d's when I get back to base, and the saved games load up just fine.

I had a Morelman with a MiniLauncher waiting for me at the landing zone of mission six.  I had to replay that one multiple times until I developed tactics that were able to keep all four of my soldiers alive.  Nice to be able to pick that MiniLauncher up and start using it.  The only ammo that survived was the unused ammo.  The partially used ammo disappeared.  And, to keep using the two remaining ammo cartidges one mission after another, make sure you don't use them up completely in the subsequent missions.  They get filled again back at base as long as they aren't completely gone.  I do that with a lot of my guns, reload when there is only one round left in the cartridge, so that I always have some ammunition for the gun.

During missions 1 to 9 with the Rebalance 6.7, I have had a couple of crashes to desktop.  One CTD came when going to another mission instead of going back to base.  It stopped loading the second mission at 30%, beeped, and froze.  An Esc dropped me to the desktop.  I rebooted just in case, and then loaded that same next mission again, and the second time the same mission didn't CTD while loading.

During the first area of my ninth mission and fifth base capture, I had the thing drop straight to desktop when I tried firing the Browning silencer weapon at a critter that was behind a barbed wire fence.

There was another CTD that happened on my children's machine as well.

I never got CTD's from the previous rebalances.  Maybe I was just lucky.  But, despite the occasional CTD with RB6.7, I just keep going, and I remember to save a lot.  RB6.7 has been a lot of fun.  I freshly installed, so I no longer have ALLITEMs, so I'm playing it without the cheats and trying to stay alive and so far I have my original five soldiers, though I did have to replay a couple of the missions.

Been a lot of fun.  Thank you Aralez.
14 Apr 2004 - 12:08am

D-strings, or is that G-strings.   :(   Something Thongy going on there squeezing us where it hurts.  :(  Wondering what percentage of support those Mutons are getting from their D-strings.   :(

On the 'serious' side, I think that I'm going to defragment my hard drive tonight.  It's probably time.  No telling what 'percentage' of my files are fragmented in 'D' system.  Maybe fragmented vfs files have the potential to glitch up?
13 Apr 2004 - 11:22pm
Maybe i should add a weapon called "%d" to confuse everyone   :(

Just kidding  :(


Soldier: "Yeah, Sarge we %d-ed them for good this time"    :(


HA, Lurker i know what those %d's are ! Remember that Muton-bikinis ?!  :( ........
13 Apr 2004 - 11:13pm
Okay, I won't import any saved games from other profiles or from other users and other machines.

With my brand new fresh install and empty saved game directories, I did get %d's in my capture list one time with RB6.7 last night, as mentioned above.  They did not go back to base with me to corrupt the inventory, this time around, that I could see.  Something in the spanking new and fresh install of RB6.7 produced the %d, possibly an unkilled Spitter or a Popper?  But as long as it doesn't corrupt inventory, then I don't see how it could do any further harm.  I surely hope that the %d's aren't sitting there invisible in some saved game 'phantomly' waiting to strike again when I least expect.

I don't have many saved games now, previous or otherwise, under my current UFO:AM installation.  :(  Hopefully, the %d's are harmless.  It would be a 'shame' if they are messing things up, and we don't know about it.  So, I do indeed hope that they just 'vanished' into thin air when I got back to base or even sooner.   :(
13 Apr 2004 - 10:31pm
The %d's appeared when i was forced to remove a weapon from a new RBMOD and Lurker had a savegame with that weapon in store. And instead of simply vanishing, those "phantom-objects" stayed in the savegame  :(

IIRC means "If I Remember Correctly" that is iirc about that  :(
13 Apr 2004 - 9:46pm
Okay, I needed more time to think about this.

I know that it might sound silly or immature to some, but I found that with Aftermath almost anything is possible when it comes to bugs.  For example, months ago I was under the firm superstitious belief that you would eventually get crashes or glitches in Aftermath if you tried playing a Europe Medium saved game inside a profile that was created American Hard, or some such odd combination.  I can see from up above that Lurker was probably using an American Hard Profile to run your Europe Hard configured and saved games.  If my former superstition has any validity, and if it's possible for one configuration to pollute another, then Lurker should have been looking at problems at some point or another, after playing your saved games.  Maybe I would too, eventually, if my Duron machine didn't already freeze during complex rebalance tactical missions, as it is doing.

My past experience has taught me that once the Aftermath system is corrupted and you are getting frozen aliens, then it's time to uninstall the mods and the game, and time to start over fresh and new.  Furthermore, I noticed long ago that the use of Alpine with previously unmodded saved games always resulted in frozen aliens.  So, following supersititious lines of reasoning, I believe that the more types of mods that you introduce to the system, the greater the chance of something going wrong.

I had to dream about it a bit, but I remembered more details this morning, as to what I think went wrong on my system.  See my message up above for the introduction or the backstory.  I distinctly remember thinking that I was going to run a test in order to see how much my new system could take.  Most likely my mistake was to include Aftermath in such a test.  GetRight allows you to download multiple files or segments at the same time.  During normal usage of GetRight on dialup, two segments work just fine, and the third and fourth segments seem to start to gum things up.  While GetRight was downloading three or four segments, I was playing Aftermath.  During a tactical mission, I did Alt-Tab and went back to the desktop to see how the various downloads were going.  I'm watching GetRight download while the Aftermath music is playing in the background, and then I get called away for 10 or 15 minutes.  When I come back, Aftermath is still playing music in the background, it probably has cycled through all its music files by then and is getting pretty gummed up.  I select Aftermath on the taskbar to bring back up the tactical mission, and I get a black screen and nothing will come up.  I couldn't get back to the desktop either.  I didn't know what was going on for a minute there, until something finally came back.  Eventually, both Aftermath and the desktop came back.  Now, I believe that most of Aftemath was probably archived into the swapfile by the time I got back to my desk, and it took forever to bring it back up.  When Aftermath came back up, I saved at the end of the debacle while GetRight is still saving and trying to run, and then I quit Aftermath in an attempt to bring back some stability to the system.  Aftermath wasn't running right anymore.  I didn't remember the details until this morning, because it's been awhile since the weirdness.  I only play one Aftermath tactical mission per day on average, so it could take awhile for problems to start showing up at that pace.

I hadn't had any real trouble with Aftermath for a month or so, until now.  With all the crashes that I used to have with Aftermath, I got into the habit of saving any chance that I get, I realize now that I should have quit without trying to save when Aftermath was running wonky and when GetRight was downloading.  Actually, I should only download one file with GetRight while playing Aftermath, and I should never leave Aftermath as the background task if I walk away from the desk.  I can see that now.

Speaking of game saves and strange beliefs, I was always under the superstition where Aftermath was concerned (especially during the time that I was getting hourly crashes from Aftermath) that one should save and quit the game after the completion of each mission in order to keep Aftermath from crashing or keep it from having problems.  I only play one tactical mission per day on average, so for the most part, my Aftermath system has been very stable the last month or two, only logical if my save-after-every-mission superstition has any validity.

But, now that I have seen frozen aliens on this system, I know the cure.  Uninstall Aftermath, delete all previously saved games, reinstall Aftermath, and start a new non-default profile once you get your mods in place.  And for best stability and security, DON'T play Aftermath games that were saved on other profiles with other starting settings or saved on other machines.

In summary, I do believe that Aftermath has no self-correcting features in its save-game routine to clean up polluted files as it goes along.  So, if something goes wrong during the creation of a vfs file, the disease will spread like a virus into every subsequent file.  And, as you have suggested Aralez and from what I have seen, it may even be possible that some of the corruption could spread backwards into previous vfs files due to a currently corrupted or confused config file.  Sometimes superstitions and paranoia have a way of coming true, especially where computers are concerned.

For example, I imagine that once you get spit and boom in the inventory, then it's there forever in subsequent saves, so why not frozen aliens in every subsequent load and save once the frozen aliens are there and the configuration files are confused?

BTW, what's the story about %d's?  Sounds interesting and mysterious!  And what does IIRC stand for?  I don't know the meaning of that short-hand.  Time for me to go away too, I guess.
13 Apr 2004 - 8:38pm
Ah, i meant they "pollute" the UFOAM installation, not the PC system, my fault.
13 Apr 2004 - 8:31pm
Well, I am not sure. Didn't think so...
13 Apr 2004 - 8:16pm
Aralez dances around chair, yells "Yabba-dabba-dooooo", and praises the creators of Aftermath  :(  :(

Finally a breakthrough ! So the "cure" for those bugs is:

-Do NOT use the savegames i uploaded (I deleted them anyway) They are no longer available.

-"Clean up" your UFOAM directory by re-installing UFOAM and running the launcher/config-tool

-Make sure you start a new game.

Somehow the "dam*ed" savegames had the power to make a UFOAM installation unstable. I have absolutely no clue how they do that, though. Maybe (just guessing there) they save the settings from the configtool in this files, too. And by playing them on other PCs with other configs they "pollute" that system.

Is that possible, Slaughter?  :(
13 Apr 2004 - 7:02am
Follow Up to Fourth mission:

There were Chompers, Spitters, Cudgels, and Poppers in the fourth mission.  After loading and retrying, I got to cover behind the concrete walls sooner, and I used a soldier just out of range of the LurkerGun as bait in order to lure the Cudgel with the LurkerGun into a trap.  When he would lift the gun to shoot, she would run further out of range making him come closer to the grenades and the ambush that was waiting just behind the concrete wall.  I didn't lose anyone this time around, nobody in the hospital, and I got the LurkerGun.

Anyway, that was a little shameless advertising for all those out there who are wondering if the Rebalance is great enough and if the Rebalance makes it worth playing UFO:AM a second time around.  I'd say yes.  The Rebalance is a lot of fun!

But alas, I mention this because when I won the mission, there was Boom and a Clip of Spit in the capture list along with a %d at the bottom of the capture list.  Usually, when I see %d's that's when things start to go bad, if they are going to go bad.

Anyway, the good news is that when I got back to base there were NO invisible icons or spit in the Heavy Weapon's category.  Usually when there is a %d in the capture list, then there is usually something unpleasant in inventory when I get back to base.  But, not this time around.  Instead, there is a captured LurkerGun in inventory.  So, despite the fact that I got %d's in my capture list, from the Popper Cudgel Spitter or Chomper, this time around I seemed to have escaped the darker side of %d's, hopefully.

Now to the fifth mission.  Keep my fingers crossed that there are no frozen aliens.


EDIT:  Fifth mission has come and gone on this WinXP machine.  No frozen aliens and nothing bad in inventory!!  Looks like it's time for me to shut up and go away, unless something really important happens.  Thank you everyone.  Seems as if Aralez or the UfoMan were right, it was either the use of the previously saved games from former versions of the Rebalance that caused the problem with RB6.7 or my machines were in desperate need of an uninstall and reinstall of UFO:AM and the creation of a new Game Profile.
13 Apr 2004 - 1:29am

I took Aralez's last input as a suggestion that I should delete all saved games and then should uninstall and reinstall UFO:AM on my WinXP machine.  I knew this day was coming.

So, I backed up my 5.6 to 6.61 saved games to CD.  You can get the whole CENEGA subdirectory onto a single CD if you remove gamedata.vfs.

I actually saved my January 22, 2004, gamedata.vfs into another folder on the hard drive before deleting the whole CENEGA folder.

Then I uninstalled, deleted the CENEGA and UFO Aftermath folders, rebooted, and reinstalled UFO:AM.  I updated to 1.3, ran the game, saved the Default Profile, quit, put 67_mod.vfs into the subdirectory, ran the game, and then created a new Europe Hard profile with RB6.7, and pressed Play.  So, now RB6.7 it's setup as fresh as it can be, and I'm fighting off poppers in my first mission with Universal UZI ammo and TNT.  We'll see how it goes, when I get time to play some more.

Meanwhile, I did a File Compare (fc /B) between my new April 12, 2004 gamedata.vfs and my older January 22, 2004 gamedata.vfs, and there were No Differences encountered.

So, I take that to mean that my old CDROM and my new DVDROM installed the gamedata.vfs in exactly the same way off the same UFO:AM CD that I purchased last year.  Both pieces of hardware produced the same gamedata.vfs file on the same machine, according to file compare.

Hopefully, that means that my gamedata.vfs is NOT corrupted.  And, hopefully, I won't get any frozen aliens or SPIT in my inventory during my next missions.

As they say, time will tell.


I'm on my fourth RB6.7 mission with no frozen aliens so far!  No spit and no invisible icons in inventory, though there have been three opportunites for SPIT and BOOM to transfer over to inventory, if it was going to do so.

Yay!  No frozen aliens.

Lots of poppers and spitters, and I did the city missions so that I could use cover and do ambushes and stay alive.  I kept all four soldiers alive until this fourth mission.  There's a Cudgel carrying a LurkerGun in my fourth mission!  I thought BlackAlmaz didn't know what he was talking about when he mentioned BFG's in the first missions, but I guess BlackAlmaz was right.

While the LurkerGun is killing my team on burst one soldier at a time, I'm running for cover, dodging poppers, and switching to grenades.  I'm using the convergence of concrete fences for my trap.  Everyone dead now, except for my best person and he's just finished healing with a medical pack.  I run back to the corner of the fence, lean around the corner and toss a grenade.  Down the Cudgel goes.  Get over to Dead Cudgel to see what he was packing, a LurkerGun with no clips in it now.

If you are wanting a serious challenge, it looks like RB6.7 is just what you are looking for.  It's was actually kind of fun.  I'm going to try to replay the same mission and see if I can win it without losing as many soldiers.

Anyway, uninstalling, deleting saved games, reinstalling UFO:AM, and starting a new game profile appears to be the way to go with RB6.7, so far anyway.  I'm about ready to try ALLITEMs, or maybe not.  :(
12 Apr 2004 - 9:35pm
Okay, let me summarize what I am seeing:

1. RB6.7 can't load any previous saved games that were created by previous Rebalances or any unmodded saved games either, without running the risk of eventual VFS corruption.
2. Or, RB6.7 can't always properly load and run version 6.7 saved games that were created on a different language version or on a different machine.
3. Or, the Saved Game with the Cudgel introduces additional flaws and glitches into Aftermath that somehow spreads throughout the system, and thus the Cudgel saved game is not the best one to start with or to use.  (There seems to be logic contradictions between these three and what's written in this thread, but there they are.)
4. If you use the later Rebalances, then it's best to have an Athlon XP processor to handle the extra load.  (That's my addition to the Rebalance 6.7 recommendations.)
5. If you have an nForce motherboard and you have updated the nForce Drivers and the Nvidia graphics drivers since the last time that you installed Aftermath (as I too have done), then you had better uninstall Aftermath, delete the Aftermath subdirectory, and reinstall Aftermath before continuing forward with Rebalance 6.7.  Then let RB6.7 create its own profile after you have successfully reinstalled Aftermath and after you have no previous saved games anywhere on your system.
6. It looks to me as if the creator of RB6.7 wants you to delete all previous Aftermath saved games and create a new game profile with RB6.7 before continuing forward.  But, if Aftermath is setup to use older drivers and RB6.7 somehow is sensative to that change, then an un-install of Aftermath and the re-install of Aftermath seems like a very sensible course of action to me as well.  If you decide to go that re-install route in order to update Aftermath to the new Nvidia drivers and if you have a CD Burner, then you can write your old saved games to CD before you delete the CENEGA or Aftermath subdirectory during the reinstall of Aftermath.
7. It will take some time for us with the problem to get off work and to find the time to backup, uninstall, reinstall, and then test for a few missions to see if it really worked.  Yes, keep our fingers crossed.
8. If it's spit and boom causing the problem all along, then we might someday need a Rebalance 6.7 from Aralez that doesn't have spitters and poppers anywhere in the mix.


EDIT:  I was actually thinking today that the last week or two I have done a lot of downloading from the internet while simultaneously playing Aftermath on my computer.  I enjoyed having a computer that could really do both tasks at once without either task seeming to suffer in the process.  But, I have started to wonder if my frozen aliens were the result of a corrupted Aftermath saved game that somehow got created while I was simultaneously downloading from the internet and saving an Aftermath game all at the same moment of time.  Maybe writing to two separate files at the same time is enough to mess one of them up, especially an Aftermath vfs file.  While downloading, it seemed like one of my saved games took forever to save, and then suddenly was fine, or so it seemed.  I have no way of knowing for sure if there is something to it, and this latest hypothesis is but one of an infinite number of things that can go wrong when a person starts playing with computers and pushing the envelope.  There, now I have said it, and now I can stop thinking about it.  <grin>


Okay, I guess I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I could just hear the experts saying that a modern XP computer should be able to multitask the simultaneous saving of two separate programs without any problem.  Actually, at the time that I experienced the weirdness with the Aftermath and Rebalance save, I was using GetRight to download three or four separate files with two more files waiting in the queue plus any files that Getright needs plus any requests that Aftermath might be making.  It's very possible that I was asking XP to keep track of seven to eleven different files all at the same time, or even more.  When you save Aftermath, it writes either two files or four files.  Anyway, I now believe that it is possible that I could have overloaded my XP machine a bit, and maybe a corrupted VFS file and frozen aliens were the result.
12 Apr 2004 - 12:58pm
I know how you feel about those old savegames. I once had a fantastic XCOM crew and wanted to recreate it in TFTD.  The names were no problem, but somehow they didn't feel like back in the Xcom days. Then i found that tool that converts XCOM crews directly in TFTD ones. AND I WAS IN HEAVEN  :(


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