How to enable cheats

Cheats are not enabled in Aftermath by default, but there are a few simple steps you need to take to do so:

  1. Use Explorer to navigate into the UFO Aftermath folder (in my case D:\Games\UFO Aftermath).
  2. Locate the config.cfg file, and open it in a text editor (for instance Notepad or Wordpad).
  3. Add the following command to the file and save it: KEY "cheats" BOOL TRUE (if it is already there, make sure it's set to TRUE).

That's the simple steps to enable cheats in the game. Next step is to start the game and type them in. To open the console where you type in the cheats, click Shift+~ (~ isn't for all keyboards layouts. You can also try @, or check out the forum ).

Strategic game cheats

To use the cheats for the strategic game, open the console in the strategic view (identified by a large rotating earth).

ALLITEMS - You now have all weapons and items.
ALLITEMS2 - Same as ALLITEMS, but only gives you 3 of everything.
FINISHRD - Complete current research/development.
HIREUNIT - Adds a new member to your squad.

Tactical game cheats

To use the cheats for the tactical game, open the console in the tactical view (when on a mission).

allplans - Show the paths the enemies have planned to take, just like your own squad. The enemies paths are grey...
cancontrol - Removes all mind control effects on the squad.
canparalyse - Removes all paralysing effects on the squad.
destroyobj - Destroys the object under your cursor, like cars, trash cans and so on. Object with a red centre circle and four arrow heads in other words...
enemies - Show you all the enemies in the area.
firecheat - Unlimited ammo, no reloading
flare - Puts flare or light source around squad members ( need to check ).
godmode - Turns your squad into Terminators that can't die. They will have to spend time in sickbay if they sustain heavy damage though.
godmodeen - Same as godmode, but for the enemy (if you need to get frustrated enough).
heights - Show you terrain level/height. Flat or sloping.
hitpoints - Shows how many hit points you and your enemy have left (out of 100%).
ids - Show you the ID number for your squad, and the enemies. Your squad is from 0-6.
quickabsolutevictory - Win the mission with items recovered.
quicklose - Similar to quickvictory, except that you loose...
quickvictory - You win the battle instantly. Don't use this code on the "special" missions like Area 51 and UFO missions however, since you will get no items to take with you home for research etc.
scenemode - Cycles textures and so on, you can get wire frame and no textures.
unitsashidden - Units become transparent, like ghosts...
visibility - Show you the current visible area based on your squads' line of sight (LOS).