UFO Aftermath


"The day after tomorrow, a giant spacecraft approaches the Earth. Silent, it hovers ominously over the world, and begins to release great clouds of spores into the upper atmosphere. Rapidly multiplying, the spores soon darken the skies, and before long obscure the sun completely. In later days, this period will be known as the "Twilight".

Having reached critical mass in the skies, the spores begin to rain down, and over the course of several days, begin to clog the streets and bodies of water, smothering people in their homes, and burying animals in the wild. During the "Nightfall", as it would come to be called, most of the higher life forms on the earth were wiped out.

During the Twilight, all human responses were futile. Choosing caution over aggression, the governments of the world didn't realize how quickly the end could come, and were buried alongside those that they governed. A few, however, did survive, sealed in underground bases with stocks of food and oxygen. After several weeks, the spores seemed to have disintegrated, decomposing and settling into the soil. The world seemed safe again, for a time. This is where you come in: you must gather together the remaining peoples of the planet, find out what has happened, and, if possible, get your revenge."

In the first of ALTAR Interactive's UFO series, you must fight back against an alien threat that has already decimated Earth's populace, turning most into mutations known as Transgenants.

In charge of the resistance, you must find out exactly what has happened and take the fight to the mysterious Reticulan's in order to prevent Earth's eventual loss at the hands of the spreading Biomass that threatens to engulf the Earth's surface.

Alongside the plethora of exclusives we have in this section, there's also a fine collection of mods to alter many aspects of the game (see our files section), as well as dozens of screenshots from the game itself.