The first step for modding UFO:Aftermath is to get the proper tools. You have three options:

  1. The Official Ones
  2. Sigget's Tools
  3. Flux's Tools

We suggest you try them all and use the ones you are comfortable with. Most people go for one of the fan-made. These tools can extract files from and add files into Aftermath amongst other things. If you wish to know more about the file-system, sigget has made a specification that you can find here.

If you wish to study the 3d models of Aftermath or add your own, you also have to download MilkShape 3D and Fulby's plugin.


In the end, the best way of learning how to mod the game is to play around with it's files and the tools for modding them. But to get you started there's a few nice guides in our modding forum. You can also search for solutions in our other forums.

Existing mods

Several cool mods have already been made for Aftermath. Here's a list of the more popular ones:

You can get lots of good information by studying these previously made mods in addition to reading the guides. And if there's a part of the mod you'd like to use in your own mod, just contact the person who made it and ask. Chances are he/she will agree.

Submitting a mod

If you make a mod you'd like us to host, just upload it through our files system or send us a e-mail. Happy modding!