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Accounting Troll


Status: Complete

A Reticulan tries to persuade a captured Old Grey to change sides and support the Reticulan experiments for the good of their civilization. The Old Grey argues that the destruction of humanity would be too high a price for the security of the Reticulan people and that the Reticulan forces should surrender to avoid further loss of life.

Chronicles of the Interregnum

Status: Complete

After the Council of Earth signs a peace treaty with the Reticulans, many surviving humans decide to stick it out on Earth rather than collaborate with the aliens. This story details the tribulations of one group of survivors trying to establish a viable community, and the dangers they must overcome. The harsh response of the Reticulans and their collaborators to the arrival of a second alien race convinces the community that the Reticulans have no intention of honouring the peace treaty, forcing the community and the new aliens to find a way to overthrow the Reticulans.


Rough Times

Status: Complete

The transgenants lure Phoenix Company into a clever trap in what should have been a routine mission to capture a transgenant for the scientists. This story is based on the Combo Mod for UFO: Aftermath as opposed to the vanilla game.

The Walk

Status: Complete

Shortly before the Fall, a team of explorers led by a descendant of the infamous Hernan Cortez who are exploring Antarctica are mercilessly hunted down and killed by a strange lifeform created by the Reticulans.

Cpl Facehugger

Facehuggers UFO Story

Status: Incomplete

In the months leading up to the Fall, a man is abducted by the Reticulans who perform horrific experiments on him. Meanwhile, a secret cabal working at the Area-51 base, the Majestic 12, is planning to release a deadly virus as part of their bid for world domination. This story is not for those who are easily offended.


Scientific side of the reticulan problem

Status: Complete

During the Fall, the national delegates at the United Nations agree that they should put aside their national differences and unite against the common enemy, thus creating the Council of Earth. During the fighting over the next few months, Phoenix Company retrieves the Dreamland files and makes contact with the Old Greys, enabling the Council to work out the background to the conflict. This story is unusual in that it focuses on the deliberations of the political leaders instead of the soldiers on the front line or the civilians struggling to survive.


Barely Nothing

Status: Complete

A fatalistic military officer suffering from advanced combat fatigue positions his men for battle; which is the only time when he feels alive.


Blood Ravens

Status: Incomplete

This story follows a squad called the Blood Ravens, which is entirely comprised of soldiers who were transferred to the squad as punishment for disciplinary offences. They storm an alien base, and as soon as they return to their base, somewhat drunkenly, they are sent by transporter to aid in a base defence mission.



Status: Complete

During the Twilight, the US government put thousands of soldiers into bunkers just in case the worst happened, which it did. This is the personal log of one such soldier as he tries to make sense of the events of the next few days.

Woke Up

Status: Complete

The alien spores turned billions of people into transgenants or killed them outright. This is the story of one such person.


Again not again

Status: Complete

Phoenix Company are on another mission against the transgenants, going up against car crabs for the first time. Despite the destruction unleashed by the alien spores in the Fall, two members of the squad have found a reason to hope for the future.

Not too Young Not too Old

Following the Night

Status: Incomplete

Two families ride out the Fall in a privately built and owned nuclear fallout shelter. This story chronicles their efforts to adapt to the changes and survive the challenges they will face over the coming weeks.

Saundersville station

Status: Complete

A military investigator is imbedded within a squad to assess the tactics it uses during a mission. Unfortunately, the enemy forces turn out to be far stronger and better prepared than they had anticipated.

Phillip Culliton

The Assault Part I

Status: Complete

A rookie soldier assigned to a battle hardened squad gets his first taste of combat as they attempt to secure an old military base.


My Feet Touch the Sky

Status: Complete

This story brilliantly examines the very worst horror of being a transgenant; that a part of your mind might remember what you once were.



Status: Complete

The narrator and his family survive the Fall in a bomb shelter, although tragedy strikes when they are rescued. Embittered by his loss, he decides to join the army in the hope of taking out at least one Reticulan before he gets killed.


All Alone

Status: Complete

In one of the regions controlled by the alien biomass, a lone soldier is dying of his wounds as the biomass begins its task of psionically assimilating him.

The Room

Status: Incomplete

Only the prologue has been written for this story about a room housing an enigmatic secret.


Living in the Aftermath

Status: Complete

After the invasion, two members of a group of survivors are on sentry duty when they hear a noise. They investigate an office block looking for the creature that made the noise, and have the misfortune to find it.


The Soldiers Story

Status: Complete

A man is sitting in a cinema watching a film when the alien spores start mutating the people around him. As he makes his escape, he teams up with a female army field medic and they make their way to a military base in the hope of linking up with other survivors.


Telltale writings

Status: Complete

This is a collection of three short UFO: Aftermath themed stories. The first is about the last moments of a soldier with a nice twist at the end. The second is about a soldier who falls victim to an alien mine during a mission. The third story gives us more details about the military helicopter used to ferry Phoenix Company to and from missions.

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