Here you can find all the screenshots from UFO:Aftermath released by developer ALTAR interactive. They cover everything from the strategic view to some tactical action. If you have some stylish screenshots you’ve made that you’d like us to host, feel free to contact us.

July 8, 2007 (UFO Trilogy)

Scouting out the area Fenced out Hope that's not our ride! To the tour bus! Mission briefing Short sleeves in arctic climates? Heavy stuff! Good odds A giant man-hole cover! Thanks, but here's the exit. Mad skills We never leave our men behind! Research breakthrough Explosive stuff! Nice ride Give her some weapons at least! Interceptors away! Well-equipped squad A much bigger foe! You should get that treated Mission choices

September 23, 2003

Invisible target? A nasty deathbellows skulks through the market Taking on a Reticulan-riddled UFO An alien contraption Scouting out the UFO So many channels to watch! The park had seen better days Line up for the team photo!

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August 27, 2003

Looks like a burglar Firing squad Enemy neutralised Scouting around town This used to be a nice neighbourhood The tour bus gets around More sneaking around Taking cover

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July 29, 2003

New recruit Armed to the teeth Armour selection Researching goodwill Advancing carefully Eerie neighbourhood Base mission Reticulan target range

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May 22, 2003

Choosing a rifle Researching alien weapons Heavy armour versus heavy shields Flanking the enemy A desolate forest Close-quarters battle Surprising a Reticulan Running around

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April 15, 2003

Developing a better helmet Biomass encroaching fast! Crashed UFO Researching psionics Weird biomass In formation A goodwill research topic Running around

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March 20, 2003

An early interface design Reticelan explodes Negotiating the biomass Enemy sighted

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February 24, 2003

Analysing the biomass Neon numbers Rumble in the jungle Negotiating the UFO

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January 28, 2003

Single file formation Mean-looking Reticulan Our hero bites the dust Equipping a pistol

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