These are the artworks that ALTAR included in their fan site kit. Lots of stylish stuff here, the pencil ones being top of the line. Knock yourselves out!


Danglefly Danglefly Reticulan Reticulan Soldier Reticulan Small UFO Medium UFO Large UFO Aftermath Poster Aftermath Poster Reticulan Head Reticulan Head Reticulan Head Flapper Skull

Most of this artwork was released on the UFO Trilogy DVD.


Morelman Morelman Chomper Chomper Flapper Flapper Deatbellows Deathbellows Cudgel Cudgel Danglefly Danglefly Gobber Gobber

Transgenant Models

Balloon Fish Balloon Fish Gobber Gobber Morelman Morelman Chomper Chomper Cudgel Cudgel Plecton Plecton


Soldiers walking on Biomass Reticulan Engine Room Mycelium Flapper Cudgel Danglefly Gobber Small UFO Medium UFO Large UFO Very Large UFO


Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier