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By: Zombie

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XCOM 2 Store Display Box


This is a display box used in GameStop to indicate XCOM 2 was for sale. It's size is the same as a standard DVD case being 12.7 × 18.4 cm (5 × 7¼ inches) for one side or 27.3 × 18.4 cm (10¾ × 7¼ inches) for the whole sleeve.It's unknown whether a proper large display box exists.

XCOM 2 Pin

Front Back Pin Front Pin Back

This is a pin used to advertise the XCOM2 game at E3 2015. It's dimensions are 3 × 4 cm (1 1/8 × 1½ inches) and is not magnetic. Most likely it's either stainless steel or titanium and is very hard.

XCOM 2 Key Lanyard

Full Clasp Buckle

This officially licensed key lanyard features the XCOM 2 logo across the strap and is 3 cm wide × 47 cm long (1 1/8×18½). The circumference is approximately 85.1cm (or 33½ inches). It's possible this is a European-only item.

XCOM 2 Vinyl Soundtrack 2×LP

Front Detail Inside Sleeve Media

XCOM 2 BSA Patch

Front Back Set

This is a large Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Spirit patch featuring the XCOM 2 logo created in conjunction with 2K games and the Marin Council of scouts (California). There are four patches in the set: the shoulder patches featuring XCOM 2, WWE 2K17 & Battleborn and a big back patch featuring Civilization VI. It's dimensions are 12.7 × 7.6 cm (5 × 3 inches) and on the reverse is a QR code and holographic BSA sticker.

XCOM 2 Join Us Poster


This poster measures 41.9 × 59.7cm (16½ × 23½ inches) and is printed on the typical glossy poster paper. It probably was not used as a game store display as it was folded.

XCOM 2 Chinese Poster


This poster measures 41.9 × 57.2cm (16½ × 22½ inches) and is printed on a heavier grade of glossy poster paper. There probably are not a lot of these around due to the limited market.

XCOM 2 Coming To Consoles Poster


This big poster was used by GameStop to advertise XCOM 2 and measures 55.9 × 71.1cm (22 × 28 inches). It is printed on very heavy and thick poster board, not the typical glossy poster paper.

XCOM 2 Bioshock Poster

Front Bioshock Side XCOM 2 Side

This gigantic 2-sided poster was used by game stores to advertise XCOM 2 and Bioshock and measures 134.6 × 53.3cm (53 × 21 inches) unfolded. Each section is approximately 67.3 × 53.3cm (26½ × 21 inches) and has a hole in each outer corner for hanging. It is printed on very heavy and thick poster board, not the typical glossy poster paper.

XCOM 2 GameStop Promo Poster

Front Packaging Packaged Detail

This GameStop promotional poster is actually 16 individually numbered separate panels each measuring 27.3 × 18.4 cm (10¾  × 7¼ inches). These panels are the same size as a standard DVD insert. My guess is that these panels were supposed to be placed inside a DVD case and then those were to be stacked in a 4×4 grid pattern (eliminating the lines) and creating a finished size of 53.3 × 73.7 cm (21 × 29 inches).The poster when arranged unfolded measures 109.2 × 73.7 cm (43 × 29 inches).

XCOM 2 PCGames.DE Double Sided Poster

Front Detail Back Detail

This XCOM 2 double sided fold out promotional poster was inclused in an issue of the German game magazine PCGames (issue unknown). It measures 80 × 57 cm (31½  × 22½ inches) and was folded 4 times to fit inside the magazine.

The Power of 2K Poster

Front Detail Back

This is an exclusive one sided GameStop poster which was actually used inside one of their stores as a display item for various 2K games (including XCOM 2). The poster is 91.4 × 66 cm (36×26 inches) and is in pretty good shape.

XCOM 2 Collection Poster

Front Detail

This is an exclusive poster which was probably used by GameStop as a display item for the XCOM 2 Collection. The poster is 60 × 60 cm (24×24 inches), is in pretty good shape and is printed on heavy poster board.

War of the Chosen - The Elder’s Call Limited Framed Print

Front Detail Boxed Back

This limited edition print created by XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Art Director Chris Sulzbach was limited to a run of 85 and each came individually signed by Creative Director Jake Solomon and the developers of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. The framed print is 38 × 61 cm (15×24 inches), made exclusively for the Firaxis Store and is ready to hang.