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By: Zombie

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Apocalypse Tee¹

Front Back

It's unclear how many shirts like this exist, but Zombie owns two of them: a worn and slightly faded t-shirt and another brand new shirt which was originally acquired by David Ellis when he worked at MicroProse so the pedigree of it is unmatched.

Popper Figurine²

Front Side Back

This toy figurine was a limited release for X-COM Apocalypse that gamers had to mail a coupon into MicroProse to acquire. Zombie's figurine was originally acquired by David Ellis when he worked at MicroProse so the pedigree of it is unmatched. It measures 3¼" tall × 4" wide × 4½" long (8.3cm × 10.2cm × 11.4cm) and underneath is MicroProse®, ©1997 MicroProse, Ltd, China.

Apoc. Display Box²

Front Back

This huge X-COM Apocalypse heavy cardboard display box measures 28½ inches high × 23¾ inches wide × 5 inches deep ( 72.4cm × 60.3cm × 12.7cm) and was acquired by Koloth from Electronics Botique. Before Apocalypse came out he had been following what information he could find on it in PC Gamer magazine etc, and when he saw the box in the store he politely asked if he could have it when they were done with it and gave them his name and phone number. The rest is history.

Apocalypse USA Poster³

Front Detail Folded

This poster was included with the American version of the game and measures 45.7 × 61.0cm (18 × 24inches) unfolded or 22.9 × 15.2cm (9 × 6inches) folded. As far as anyone is aware, only folded posters exist.

Apocalypse EU Poster³

Front Detail

This particular poster design was released only in the UK (and probably Australia) and never made it over to the United States. It's quite big and measures an unusual 59.7 × 83.8cm (23½ × 33inches). It's unclear how many of these exist, but this is the only one Zombie has managed to find and acquire. Unfortuantely, it suffered some damage during shipping but was fixed by pressing.


¹Photos courtesy of Drew "Drewid" Northcott.
²Photos courtesy of Lee "Koloth" Benjamin.

³Photos courtesy of Zombie.