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By: Zombie

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Interceptor Wall Poster¹

Front Older

This huge 366×244cm (12×8 foot) poster used at E3 1998 hangs proudly in David Ellis' basement (previously in the garage) along with a pool table and his collection of arcade games. So not the usual man cave.

Interceptor Double Sided Poster¹

Front Front Detail Back Back Detail

This poster, measuring the usual 41.9 × 59.7cm (16½ × 23½ inches) is printed on glossy paper and is very likely a UK-only release (from the design and due to the fact it was purchased from a seller in Great Britain). Zombie owns two of these and there may only be a few more in existance.

Interceptor Sticker²


This sticker owned by Zombie, measures 13×13cm. However, the intended use of the sticker is the inner circular part (might be able to make this out from the scan) which has a diameter of 11.7 cm. This might have German origins.

Design Bible²


This was found on eBay in mid August 2012, and the description states:

Hello potential buyers!

     I have an authentic and original "X-com Interceptor Design Bible" for purchase. This book intels and shows the original ideas for the game. It has 12 chapters ranging from the Introduction to the games Artificial Intelligence. The X-com series are part of a great pc gaming era! The book has been with me for a while and means a lot, but I think it's time to pass it on to someone else who will appreciate it as much as I did. Thanks for reading!

The starting bid was $0.99 and I bid on it, but the auction was cancelled by the seller. I'm not exactly sure if every game in the X-COM series had a design bible, but it is mentioned in the Terror From The Deep Draft Publishing Plan. Dave Ellis would probably know for sure.


¹ Photos courtesy of David "dellis" Ellis.

²Photos and scans courtesy of Zombie.