Magazine Compilations

By: Zombie


PC Gamer (April 1995)

Front Back Media
cd_gamer_front_sleeve.160x0.jpg cd_gamer_back_sleeve.160x0.jpg cd_gamer_media.160x0.jpg


Power Play (May 1995)



PC Gamer (June 1995)

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Computer Game Review GameDISC (July 1995)

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Terran Defense Force (December 1995)

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Official UK PlayStation Magazine (March 1996)

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You can find the video sequence in our files section here.


Ken & Brian's Favorite Demos (March 1997)

Media Notes
ken_and_brians_demos.160x0.jpg This Super Sampler CD comes in a compilation called Conquer the Universe from Microprose which includes the following games: X-COM: Terror From The Deep, Master of Magic, X-COM: UFO Defense and Master of Orion. This particular CD doesn't actually contain a demo of X-COM: Apocalypse, rather a slide show of 8 frames from the game.


PC Gamer (July 1997)

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Computer Gaming World (July 1997)

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PC Games.exe (July/August 1997)

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Boot Disc 13 (September 1997)

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Il Mio (November 1997)

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Computer Games (April 1998)

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Games Machine (June 1998)



PC Zone (July 1998)

Front Back Media Making Of Media


PC Gamer (July 1998)

Front Back Media pc_gamer_july_1998_back_sleeve.160x0.jpg pc_gamer_july_1998_media.160x0.jpg


PC Games.exe (July/August 1998)

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GameStar (August 1998)



PC Accelerator (September 1998)



GameStar Vollversion (October 1998)

Front Sleeve Back Sleeve Main Media
Bonus Sleeve (F) Bonus Sleeve (B) Bonus Media


Classic Games Collection (July 2000)

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PC Player Vollversion (September 2000)

Front Sleeve Back Sleeve Disc A Media Disc B Media
pc_player_9-2000_front_sleeve.160x0.jpg pc_player_9-2000_back_sleeve.160x0.jpg pc_player_9-2000_a_media.160x0.jpg pc_player_9-2000_b_media.160x0.jpg


Computer Gaming World 200th Issue (March 2001)

Front Back Media
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PC PowerPlay XCOM: Enemy Unknown (December 2012)

Sleeve (Front) Sleeve (Back) Media Side A Media Side B


GameStar (November 2013)