Gemini Wars Preview

Thorondor shoots for the stars in Gemini Wars, a space-borne RTS from indie devs Camel 101.

Endless Space Preview

Azrael Strife gazes into Endless Space, the 4X game in development from Amplitude Studios, and finds common ground with genre-defining games by in an attractive new package.

Gratuitous Tank Battles Preview

Thorondor has a commanding view of the battlefield in this preview of Positech’s latest title - Gratuitous Tank Battles - where you can choose to attack or defend all manner of machines whilst World War I rages on.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane Preview

Thorondor dons his wizardly robes and fake beard in this magical preview of Warlock: Master of the Arcane, even conjuring up a gameplay video as well!

Team Assault: Baptism of Fire Preview

FullAuto talks to Robin Flodin about realistic weapons, squad customisation, a lack of hexes and more in this turn-based 3D tactical game from Zeal.

Panzer Corps Preview

FullAuto gives an insight into the sights and sounds of The Lord Games Studio’s upcoming title Panzer Corps

Star Trek Online Preview

Pete beams himself up to the USS Jaynestown to bring you this preview of Cryptic’s upcoming Star Trek Online MMO.

Hearts of Iron III Preview

FullAuto got a chance to preview Hearts of Iron III - the next game in the grand strategy series from Paradox Interactive. Read on to see what he made of it.

Sins of a Solar Empire Preview

Sins is the first game in the “new” RT4X genre, and Space Voyager was eager to give it a go. Thanks to Ironclad Games and Stardock he got the opportunity…

UFO Afterlight Second Preview

Mars has more than a hostile environment in ALTAR’s UFO series. Crazy Gringo spent countless hours with the preview build just prior to release, and you can read what he though inside.

UFO Afterlight Preview

Some of the survivors after the genocide at Earth have been moved to Mars. Check out what Slaughter thought after his hands-on experience previous to the game’s release.

Sword of the Stars Preview

Space Voyager sat down with a preview copy and seemed to like what he saw. Read more about his initial impressions inside.

Jagged Alliance 3D Hands-On Preview

Mike Nino managed to play a pre-beta copy at the 2006 E3 convention of this third installment in the series. Like its predecessors, this is real-time/turn-based except in 3D. It is skeptical whether MiST land - South can produce a sequel rivaling the earlier games in the series, but there is also hope since they are listening to the fans requests.

War World: Tactical Combat Preview

Bomb Bloke examined this fast-paced mech game which features robotic units you can retro-fit with a variety of armor, weapons and propulsion systems. A nice addition is an arcade mode with 100 levels of shoot ‘em up fun.

UFO: Aftershock Second Preview

The remains of humanity are fighting to regain control of Earth. Read what Slaughter thought after his hands-on experience previous to the game’s release.