2011 Articles

Star Ruler Review

Space Voyager reviews Blind Mind Studios’ ambitious real-time, grand strategy title and, despite a few teething troubles, has a blast!

OpenXcom Interview

Space Voyager’s interview with SupSuper, leader of the OpenXcom project.

Team Assault: Baptism of Fire Preview

FullAuto talks to Robin Flodin about realistic weapons, squad customisation, a lack of hexes and more in this turn-based 3D tactical game from Zeal.

Panzer Corps Preview

FullAuto gives an insight into the sights and sounds of The Lord Games Studio’s upcoming title Panzer Corps

X-COM Apocalype: Apocalypse Now! AAR

The Veteran bravely takes on the inter-dimensional interlopers in a Superhuman, Ironman game of Apocalypse.

Terror from the Deep: Aquatoid Sushi and Lobsterburger AAR

Forum regulars take turns to battle the aquatic terrors in this co-op campaign.

Sword of the Stars Argos Naval Yard: Antiqiarian's Scenario AAR

Space Voyager sets off into the unknown to collect five artifacts in this scenario.