Chat Logs

UFO Aftershock Chat Log - 25/11/04

A chat conducted with Jiri Rydl, Robert Hoffman and Martin Klima covering Tactical and Strategic aspects of the game.

Silent Storm: Sentinels Chat Log - 21/10/04

A transcript from a chat we had with representatives from Nival Interactive and JoWooD Productions about Silent Storm and it’s expansion Silent Storm: Sentinels. We also got a little information on their upcoming game, Nightwatch.

UFO Aftermath Chat Log - 11/09/03

A Q&A session with team members of ALTAR Interactive, Cenega Publishing and Tri Synergy.

UFO Aftermath Chat Log - 19/02/03

A chat session with wider team members covering everything from game elements to publication and even what the guys wear when they’re working!

UFO Aftermath Chat Log - 19/09/02

The following question and answer session took place in the unofficial chatroom on the 19th of September 2002. Martin Klima and Jiri Rydl were present from ALTAR Interactive, as were a number of fans and visitors.