E3 2005

Mike Nino went to E3 2005 as our reporter for the third year in a row and out first year under the StrategyCore banner. While there he conducted interviews for UFO:Aftershock and Heroes of Might and Magic 5 which you'll find below.

We've also posted a short of some of the sights of E3. Much like every year, silicon is popular with both computer components and booth babes...

UFO Aftershock Interview

An interview with Robert Hoffman and Martin Klima of ALTAR Interactive, with post-interview comments from Jiri Rydl. E3 Conversation with Ondrej Laba, Cenega’s producer of UFO:Aftershock.

Heroes of Might & Magic V Interview

An interview by Mike Nino. Transcript by Mike Nino, Julie Lambert, Angelspit and Slaughter. Mike Nino met Fabrice Cambounet at E3 2005. The Ubisoft representative kindly answered questions submitted by members of Celestial Heavens and StrategyCore.