Going Tribal Again

Rising above feudal dispute. Not really as trifle a matter as you might think, seeing as, since the dawn of time, Man has always been a territorial creature, fighting as a group or individually, for its own domain and position. Having played to the strenghts of that core trait before, Hamburg-based InnoGames will once again have modern Man engaging, in Tribal Wars 2.

Arthurian Warring

Camelot awaits, oh ruler! The destiny of this land and beyond, as well as its people, lies in your hands as there are those who enviously seek to take it all by brute force or sorcery and by means of cunning, viciousness and destruction usurp your rightful seat of power in Excalibur Publishing's The Battles of King Arthur.

Timely Godliness

When did you last feel the rush? The impetus of creation in full, all momentum and tempo? A quick look at Codrer's iubes will promptly bring to mind such a driven state, which was, we posit, in all likelihood induced by the Gods themselves.

Of Fiery Developments

General, let not chaos prevail! Dimensional rifts, geological upheaval, power struggles - the world is in turmoil and only heroic leaders like you can keep the darkness at bay in Blueline's upcoming Kingdom Under Fire II, a mix of massive real-time strategy warfare and up-close and personal combat.

Out Of This World

Want to fight aliens for free? Now you have a very real chance to very easily do so if you participate in a contest currently ongoing at Geek & Sundry's YouTube channel.

Revival Of An Age

We almost forgot. Then again I suppose we might well be excused, considering the now venerable real-time strategy game Age of Empires II had not been graced with novelties of such relevance in over a decade - which is why it's worth noting a first expansion has been recently released.

Planet Buster

You've gotta keep it together. Because if you lose it, you really lose it - your people, your planet are done for - so get with the program pronto and make sure your rival is on the receiving end of a good pounding first, in Team Jolly Roger's Interplanetary.

More Clashing Heroics

Do you like boardgames? Yet, time is short and you don't have the availability for all the setup and nitty-gritty of the mechanics? Once again Western Civilization Software comes to the rescue with turn-based tactical wargame Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel, a stand-alone adaptation of the original boardgame of the same name.

You're The Man!

You know what to do. When power is all you care about and you have the means to obtain it what you then do to keep it is, well,  your business, in Subaltern Games' Neocolonialism, a game where, seemingly, nothing is too underhanded to stay at the top.

Darkly To Turn

We are on the brink of an invasion. One that would change the course of history and now one where you will have a say as 2x2 Games' operational -level wargame Unity of Command comes to receive Black Turn, the second and likely last DLC pack for the title.

Resolute In Questing

Remember Valley of the Forgotten? Well, maybe you should, but you need not. The first Defender's Quest title was very warmly received, you see - so much so that now a sequel, Defender's Quest II: Mists of Ruin, is beckoning heroes anew for a novel challenge of its own.

Of Richess To Come

Broadening our horizons. Pursuing other paths and possibilities. Increasing power and wealth. All are valid reasons for getting a hold of the upcoming Beyond the Sea add-on for Rise of Venice.

Unleashed On The Planet

Battle Worlds: Kronos is out! After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, KING Art Games' new turn-based strategy tour de force is finally here for fans of the genre the world over to enjoy.

Rally, Crusaders!

Thy kingdom awaits. Should you succeed in summoning others to join your forces in this, your most worthy cause, a brighter time may well come under your rule in Army and Strategy: The Crusades, an upcoming strategy game.

Going Operational

There is a major challenge ahead. As a Field Marshal you are expected to head and coordinate all operational initiatives in the upcoming Tank Operations: European Campaign, an ambitious WWII strategy game just announced by Kalypso Media Digital.