Are you wondering how things are shaping up with Beta 3 of Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, the dark fantasy turn-based strategy game? Then you can scarcely do any better than heading on over to G4Tv to see the game in action in a detailed walktrhough conducted by Stardock Games' CEO, Mr. Brad Wardell himself.

Boarding Time

Having traversed many nautical miles since its inception some three years ago, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is now readying to let us aboard for the special Play & Contribute Beta to be launched on April 6th. Participants will be treated to a special version of the Strategic Campaign which focuses on the freedom of choice this offering will provide.

A Cool Customer

Leaving no contact unchecked we mark Naval War: Arctic Circle closing on our bearing and set to engage. This modern real-time naval wargame, we now know, will let you seek world domination by April 10th.

Proper Ruling!

Medieval Europe was brought to life again inĀ Crusader Kings II, a game rich in family feuding and general intrigue as well as strategic depth on a grand scale. But what is one to do about that rather poor family resemblance, or your vexing lack of descendants, or even that less than regal coat of arms?


It's finally time to storm enemy positions for Team Assault - Baptism of Fire has been released, bringing us some dynamic turn-based tactical action.

Grip Extended

Airship captains should take note of the latest Atelian Region expansion to the browser-based MMO strategy game Iron Grip: Marauders, where 3D turn-based combat takes place in a peculiar steampunk setting.

Double Scrying

The Elemental: Fallen Enchantress intro trailer was released as part of Stardock Entertainment's PR spree, as the developers look to divulge both this turn-based strategy game and their upcoming standalone expansion to the Sins of a Solar Empire series: Rebellion.