Position Elevated

Take the high ground. From there you'll be able to gain a commanding view of the battlefield and spot YorkshireRifles' handywork, or, more precisely, that of Mr.Steve Acaster which is the one man atop it all and responsible for the arising of Airship Dragoon.

Sturdily In Formation

In the face of conflict, prevail. It's what shall be asked of you as you resolutely lead your men to ultimate triumph in 3000AD Inc.'s upcoming squad-based tactics game Line of Defense Tactics.

Creeping Into View

No more dragging. Things went into motion and now no quarters are held as Knuckle Cracker's recently released and latest real-time strategy extravaganza, Creeper World III: Arc Eternal, promises us nothing less than the onset of carpal tunnel.

Chugging Along

We've seen it building up steam. And now you're entitled to get all fired up because very soon people will be able to get aboard Hexagon Game Labs' SteamPower1830's closed beta and enjoy the browser-based HTML5-fueled trip.

Listen up, punks!

The action is on. Reports indicate you can now take a hold of the hot latest demo for Onipunk's successfully crowdfunded and quite stylish roguelike real-time strategy game, C-Wars, and maybe live to tell about it.

Away But Not Far

We shall return to Ardania. Our inner wizardly powers have not deserted us, as some might have thought, as now we are empowered again by the knowledge that Ino-Co Plus is in the process of summoning none other than Warlock 2: The Exiled, the sequel to Warlock: Master of the Arcane.

Soon The Burning Of Many

Legions of Ashworld. That is the name bestowed upon the upcoming turn-based strategy title bathed in the harsh light of a fantasy setting, as created by one-man indie dev house Jugilus.

To Valiantly Protect

Defenders, unite! No matter how terrifying the threat, our lines shall not be breached if we stalwartly stand our ground, adeptly combining the strengths of our forces in the upcoming Defense Technica, a tower defense game in the making by Kuno Interactive.

No Boundaries At Hand

Things are about to be taken further. Trading card games have seen many incarnations but real advancement and change have been slow to happen, which is something that the gents at Lightmare Studios are looking to tackle with the upcoming Infinity Wars.

A Stellar Opening

There's an opportunity. The desolation around us needs not be our end. We've so extended our reach and in doing it unwittingly triggered first contact. Now there's no turning back and the hostilities are now underway in Battle Space, a sci-fi browser-based free-to-play multiplayer RTS.

Fueling Desires

Is this the spice you seek? It is worth the seeking indeed, but know now you will have to travel far and fight tooth and nail for it. The name of the game is Etherium and it is being created by Tindalos Interactive.

A Flash Of Crimson

You're about to take point. Not in close quarters battle but by virtue of your ability to lead and  oversee a vast array of forces across the battlefield in the challenging upcoming turn-based strategy game Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm.

Cast Forth

Magic ain't what it used to be. Or so they say. Tampering with such forces is often foolish, but that didn't stop the power-hungry from trying, and the result is as evidenced in Helmeni Games' free-to-play browser-based massively multiplayer online strategy game, WarCaster.

Universal Conflict Impending

No angle left unchecked. No possibility curtailed. Keep your distance or dive right in, take to the air or fight underground are all options afforded to you in the multifaceted upcoming Sci-Fi Multiplayer Battle Arena game Universum: War Front.

Perils Of Yore

Destiny is at hand. Demonic forces from olden times arise and the fate of the world of Eo is to be determined with finality in Nordic Games' Demons Of The Past, the very last stand-alone add-on for Spellforce 2.