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X-COM sequel rumours at GameSpot


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GameSpot posted a rumour the other day that there may be two X-COM sequels in the pipeline. The first is supposedly being worked on by 2K Boston / 2K Australia (of Bioshock fame), and speculation is we're talking a first person shooter. The second is supposedly a turn-based game From Civilization developers Firaxis.


The official story: "No comment." -- A tight-lipped 2K Games rep.


Bogus or not bogus?: Not bogus that 2K Boston is working on a new X-Com game of some sort, with a shooter spin-off being a strong possibility. As far as a second turn-based X-Com game from Firaxis is concerned, it would be the stuff of old-school gamers' dreams. And, as Fallout 3's massive sales proved, a critically acclaimed reboot of a classic franchise can reap massive rewards.


You can read the full story at GameSpot.com


Thanks to Raion, Mr Mus and Lo for the heads up!

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1up.com reports that this is a teaser for Spec Ops and we can now even watch an August-posted TV commercial for it.
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Yes yes, but where does it say it's Irrational working on it? The fact that they've teased with something referred to as "Spec Ops" doesn't mean there's no X-COM in development at 2K Boston/Australia. In addition, as Thorondor pointed out, there is a huge X appearing in the teaser...

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