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X-COM usurps the Steam throne!


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It's been almost 15 years since X-COM: UFO Defense was first released but classics die hard! The X-COM Complete Pack is now the best seller on Steam beating meager resistance such as Call of Duty 4 and The Orange Box...



Will the success of this release ensure we get a new X-COM game soon? What about releasing some other old Microprose classics?

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Just a note, it's currently not on the list at all. Neither are any other pages about X-COM (run a search). This is most likely due to some incorrect information that was posted on them, such as system requirements and multiplayer capability.


Are we sure the Top Sellers is for all times and not daily?

EDIT: Ohoho, now I see. It seems it's a regional thing. If you take a look at the URL you posted, there's a NO there (for Norway), and in my case there's a HR (for Croatia).

EDIT 2: I just checked for UK and US and it's on top there, too. I guess I can't see it because it's not sold here.

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You can't buy it here, same as Australia.

EDIT: Slaughter, I edited "usurpers" to "usurps". my Englishman friend says it's the correct way to spell. :blink:

EDIT 2: Someone on the Steam forums says it's daily top sellers.

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Hey, did you guys notice the little file buried in the Steam Xcom directory that reads, "Downloaded from strategycore.co.uk"?


Cause I did. What's up with that?

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