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  1. Aaaaahh, B&W... It was a fun game really. I don't think I even played no. 2.
  2. Damn, the Germanic word combinatorics taken to the next level!
  3. I've sadly allowed myself to become a bit optimistic about this one, probably because of the reasons you wrote. I may regret it, but it is too late now.
  4. Damn, didn't think it could have such a profound effect, especially since at home I never sanitize buckets or pots. Than again, I grow chillies, not gentle flowers.
  5. Sins II seem to be doing great. I am somewhat hyped as no. 1 was a really good game, a rare RTS that was not all about the number of clicks. Also, a beautiful space environment etc.
  6. Niiiice! A lot of work done, as usual. Why all the bleaching, BTW?
  7. Meh, they missed my marks by several tens of %. They'll learn, all in good time.
  8. Ok, sounds like something I need to listen to!
  9. I really hope this one brings some Aliens style action back, without focusing on some plot'n'lore-hole-ridden story and androids touching each other...
  10. You know, I've seen practically no typos in your posts ever, but I did see a lot of wordgames, so... Is this intentional? Cause I can imagine all sorts of paychological horrors!
  11. The lesson for today; grenades are always a good option... Must say I agree wholeheartily.
  12. Very diverse this one is. What other qualities it has I wonder.
  13. Damn, I hope they don't screw it up with Dune... Won't bother with Rings of power. House of the Dragon is a must watch for me, though. Loved season 1.
  14. Alright! Should aliens ever invade, they better come in millions. Just asking - could you win the game right now? I mean, are you dragging the game for the stats but could win long ago?
  15. I mean, XCOM was talked about a number of times, big events and interviews. No true gaming history can be made without it!
  16. This guy sure loves games! I mean, I love them but he LOOOVES them. And their history...
  17. LOL! Best moment was when mom started to speak Klingon...
  18. As if the global warming wasn't bad enough...
  19. Get HighFleet. Phenomenal little game.
  20. More great work... You're an inspiration, Z!
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