Documented STARFORCE Breakdowns or Crashes

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Posted 16 April 2008 - 12:13 AM

 Avenger, on 16th April 2006, 11:34am, said:

I'll run through that in plain English specifically for Aftershock.
1) Copy UFO.EXE to your desktop, so you have a backup in case everything goes wrong. Not sure why this step is necessary, since the original file doesn't work  

2) You will need to download UpdateModule.exe from the StarForce website - click this link Unzip the file and copy it into the UFO Aftershock main directory.

3) If you just run the UpdateModule.exe file a screen will flash up for half a second and disappear, but does nothing. You need to change the command line of it to make it work. Click Start ---> Accessories ---> Command Prompt
Type "cd\" then hit Enter (Don't type the "")
Type "cd Games\UFO Aftershock" then hit Enter (replace Games\UFO Aftershock with the location you installed AS onto your machine).
Type "UpdateModule UFO.exe UFONew.exe" then hit Enter
The Update module file will run, and should display a message that it has worked.

4) Looking in the UFO Aftershock directory you will now have UFO.EXE (the old file that SF claims is corrupted) and a file called UFONew.exe. Delete the old file, and rename the new file UFO.EXE.

5) Run the game as you would normally.

Hopefully that will fix the problem. The original source for this fix is here - it shows a picture of the Command Prompt if you need to check what you are doing is correct.

MikkDC, on Dec 15 2005, 11:16 PM, said:

Those still experiencing problems could try this.

Go into the directory you installe Aftershock to and find the profiles folder and open it.

Open the profilesnfo.txt file with any text editor.

Look in this file for where it says DIR NAME. Whatever is listed there is the folder you should look in next (eg if it was DIR NAME "MikkDC", then i would now quit text editor and open the folder MikkDC)

Once in this folder look for a file named options.txt and once again open it with any text editor (notepads fine) and look for the following line:

GKEY 2 "video_mode"

This will be in the STRUCT "system" section of the file.

Now at the side of this there should be INT -1. If its INT 1 or whatever then change it back to INT -1 so that the complete line looks like this:

GKEY 2 "video_mode" INT -1

Now save this file and close it down.

Try to start UFO Aftershock again and if it still doesn't work try running it in a window. To do this, find the shortcut to UFo Aftershock or create one if you dont have one.
Right click the shortcut and choose properties and in the Target box add this to the text:
--options fullscreen=FALSE

Ensure you add a space after the UFO.exe" bit or it wont work.

The full text should look like this (if you installed to default location):

"C:\Program Files\CENEGA\UFO Aftershock\UFO.exe" --options fullscreen=FALSE

If you get it to run in windowed mode. Go to the options and click teh default button on there. save the options and quit the game. Remove the --options fullscreen=FALSE from the shortcut and see if it now runs in full screen mode.

Hopefully this will help some of you out there with this problem. If not then im sorry but im all outta ideas.

absent, on Dec 17 2005, 05:40 AM, said:

go to start -> run -> regedit
search for the first set of your cdkey eg ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-PQRST-UVWXY out of this cdkey search for the "ABCDE" part ... you should see "DiscKey_ufo_as" now change this value to blank then try to start the game it should ask for key again, enter it and u can play

Maro, on Dec 30 2005, 06:40 AM, said:

Try to delete file named profilesnfo.txt in profiles catalog.

rainmouse, on Jan 26 2006, 03:12 AM, said:

That said this Starforce stopped my CD vailidation working in a different way and the only way I could get my LEGIT copy of the game to run was to download the NO-CD 1.2 patch from gamecopyworld.
For people who have tried everything else, try checking there. This should fix your problem and prevent starforce potentially damaging or burning out your CPU.
(but remember to patch the game up to 1.2 before you do this.)
I wonder IF THIS should be quoted on top of the Thread?

Any ways I'm willing to place my NEW Laptop to the Terrifying Test despite the Dangers of it NOT working at ALL and Losing my Data. What tools do I need to install 1st to Evaluate my Hardware specs. Before I install the AS game in the Trilogy Pack. to get a better documentation Before and After fact?

Also a possible problem is the fan speed can be comprised. Is there a program to for me to download to record the fan speed during the game?

Just found some other Site Links of the Problem From the AfterSHOCK site.
and from the Official Altar Discussion forms.
Let me know IF there's DEAD Links?

Here's the Remover from SF site. -> -> To the Link of the Actual File

Another note from SF by Dmitry = http://forum.altarga...o...=865&st=50#
It's the 51st post.

Having some PR people deal with such rumors gives me SOME assurances.
Here's the SF forums where you can really complain and flame about


Ok, from what I understand, The SF claims are the Drivers makes you Have to insert the CD in order to START the game BUT not while playing, which is ok for me Unless the game Crashes more than once during play then I will be annoyed.

Cons - You have to Really take care of your CD/DVD ones it's gets scratched or damaged (your on your own) you have to buy a new one.

Pros - your going to buy those plastic covers that attaches to the CD/DVD that is in place when you place it in the Drive. So play the CD/DVD with the plastic cover inside the drive. I hopes it will last longer. I guess their sales will go up!

They admit when the game stops playing the SF drivers are STILL active when your not playing the game.

SO you have to UN-Install the Driver manually in order for the Drivers NOT to conflict with your other Programs. (and they Admitted that it will conflict DVD/CD Burners and emulator programs.)

SF version 3.04.075 or earlier - WILL CRASH DRIVES.

the REAL problem is I don't mind if this "StarFARCE" <yup, I coined this phrase> as one would put it; prevents me from playing the game. EVEN after I bought it LEGALLY!

The TRUE Gripe that strikes fear to the users is that a SOFTware that is able to damage to HARDWARE? you should be doing business to private or government companies that want to keep their data copy proof. maybe we are all just test subjects for their real $$$ contract on the private sector.

as PlacidDragon said {The "idiot of a legal customer" who happily bought himself a game that proceeded to wreck his machine ?"} not to mention ALOT of gamers out there are n00bs and don't bother with details such as this and is easily convinced with the Before and After (Before = me cpu work ok.  After = me buy game, install to cpu, install no other, then cpu no longer work. ~ guess who do you think the person will blame?)

tre said it best here = http://forum.altarga...o...=865&st=57# the 58th post.

Am i right? Feel free to contradict.

I just read about this prize among the posters and this is the supposed link to the reward news? since it's a dead link or doesn't exist anymore. I wonder who won it then?
Now they just want you to write them?
- UFO: Enemy Unknown / X-COM: UFO Defense
- UFO: Aftermath -  1.4

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