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Okay, I'll start! ;)


Enemy Territory: Quake Wars announced:

id software just announced Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It's a class-based multiplayer shooter being developed by Splash Damage, the developers behind Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.


As the title suggests, this game is set in the Quake universe. You can play either side in the Strogg invasion of earth. The single screenshot released so far looks quite neat!


Metalheart: Replicants Rampage complete:

Akella just finished their post-apocalyptic RPG Metalheart: Replicants Rampage. This could be potential good news for the Fallout fans out there, as suggested by the screenshots and features listed at the site :cool:

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Thief 2 "Expansion" - T2X:

The Thief 2 community have spent years developing a full fledged expansion for the game. 13 new missions and 3000 new lines of dialogue should please most Thief 2 fans :cool:. You can read more about it here, and find mirrors for the 655 MB download here.


Ten years of E3:

For those of you not familiar with E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), Thorondor found an article at GameSpy talking about it. Ten years of E3 here.


Thanks for the heads up Thorondor!

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'Metalheart: Replicants Rampage' is looking sweet. I wonder if it plays as well...

Indeed it does! Akella doesn't have the most impressive track record so far, but maybe Metalheart will change that. I sure hope so! :cool:

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Quake 4 trailer and interview:

As you probably know, Quake 4 is coming. You can download the E3 trailer from 3D Gamers, and read a brand new interview at IGN.


Irrational Games Q&A:

Gamecloud talked to Irrational Games about their future plans. They do not reveal what new projects they are working on, but with BioShock in the loop and a recent history of Freedom Force vs The Third Reich, SWAT 4 and Tribes: Vengeance, I think we're in for a treat or two :cool:

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Team Tarsier, a small independent development team from Sweden, has come up with this little oddity called Metronome. Worth checking if only for the originality of the ideas fueling the project.


There's a slightly eerie 11Mb trailer available for download on the Media > Movies section of the title's site.




WorthPlaying managed to spend some time with the developers at their E3 hideout ;) and thought to let the rest of us know about it.


Note, however, that this one is probably headed for the consoles (when a publisher is secured)...

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Brigade E-5: New Jagged Union. It's a real-time game with functional smart pausing inspired a good bit by Jagged Alliance. The developers actually post at a large Jagged Alliance forum, where members there play a large part in the process of bugtesting and brainstorming to improve the demo beta.


Remeber, this is a beta. It's not meat to represent the final product well. It's also Russian, but there are patches available to make it English.




That's the main demo download. Next, you have to install these patches, in this order.








The original thread on the Jagged Alliance forum is:



Do note the demo is 190 megs.

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No problem. If I were you I'd read through the thread I posted, since the developers give a lot of neat tips, and talk about some things that aren't covered in the tutorial, like setting up booby traps using tension wire and grenades.
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Well, to be honest I don't think I'll play this one again. I tested a demo or something quite some time ago, and it was less than impressive to say the least. I hope they can turn it into something good, but it gave me a bit too much of a "Mistlandish" feeling the first time around. The latest patched demo any good then?
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Yeah, they greatly enhanced the AI in the later patches, not to mention the translation. Now they'll actually try to flank you, and suceeed at it a good amount of time, and learned how to deal with people who like sitting and waiting for them to come out by throwing grenades around corners.
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As seen on Slashdot this week, there's a "train-your-own-AI" game called NERO (link) which involves training a squad of foot soldiers each with their own neural net. I'm going to give it a try. It's essentially a neural net demo from some researchers that looked good enough to be tweaked and released as a game. It's not The Battle of Tempest IV: Tango Base, Day 0 but it's on the road leading there.
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