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#1 Scott



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Posted 31 December 2002 - 01:08 AM

And the reason for that is because I just got raped on a terror mission. Has anyone else ever been utterly obliterated in like one turn? Let me tell you what happened.

I get a message saying that aliens are terrorizing London. So I send my Skyranger off to London. First turn, my first soldier steps out of the Skyranger. He spots two Chryssalids and two Snakemen right away. So you know, I start shooting. I manage to kill all four of them, but used up so many TUs shooting at them that my troops didn't get to move very far at all. Some snakeman that I couldn't see wanders up, throws an alien grenade, and blows up like 10 of my troops. I have two freakin survivors. THEN another Chrysallid wanders over and zombies one of them. Second turn, the only surviving guy goes berserk, and kills both the zombie/Chrysallid, another snakeman slithers out and shoots at him but misses. Third turn, I get him to kill the snakeman. Nothing happens on the alien's turn. Fourth turn, he panics, drops his laser rifle, and runs down an alley, right into another snakeman. Then he dies.

Has anyone ever had a suckier mission than that?

#2 ApOcaLyPSe_1985



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Posted 31 December 2002 - 05:04 PM

Yeah I did.

I just intercepted a large ufo and send my skyranger to it.
Tactical begins...
I always end 1 turn without doin nothing in my ship, bad idea.
Some aliens flinged a few blaster bombs in my ship. Away goes my crew.
Mission failed.
If that wasn't bad enough, my base got assaulted by a ufo and I lost it. It was my only base.


#3 Ion Mage

Ion Mage

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Posted 01 January 2003 - 12:06 AM

I had one...

Normal UFO recovery.  I always end a turn before doing anything, like apocalypse said.

Bad idea in this case;  first turn, the aliens threw a grenades RIGHT INTO THE TRANSPORT.  Mission failed.
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#4 Mouse Nightshirt

Mouse Nightshirt

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Posted 01 January 2003 - 03:19 PM

I've never had aliens fire BBs into my troop transport. On my PSX version, I don't think they're capable of it. I've had a Muton sitting outside looking at all my troops, but failing to launch his blaster bomb over 3 turns (I saved and left him there to see what he would do)
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#5 NCC-1701-F



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Posted 09 January 2003 - 10:34 PM

umm........... this one took about 5 hours (nonstop playing, constant action, the works) to finish, it was a terror site.... it was the WORST sectoid/cyberdisk one i've ever seen. I started out on the bottom of the map, in the middle: on one side was the map edge, opposite that, a LARGE (like, 1/2 the map) park, and on the other sides were buildings. One word: crossfire (it was b4 i had any new weapons) I had what was literally 8 or 9 cyberdisks in the park, and had to kill them with HE (no HW with me), there were sectoids literally seeping out of the other buildings, so basically, i was pinned down because if you moved towards one place, the other 2 shot at you, i lost 8 men that day (out of 14, 4 stayed in the skyranger).

OTOH, they didn't shoot into the transport (Though the triton makes great cover for troops...) and thank god it wasn't ethereals, though with them you don't need a crossfire.

Did i mention my first ever terror site was chryssalid (it was my 3rd ever tac mission)

#6 Fox


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Posted 09 January 2003 - 11:47 PM

Heh, In my opinion getting slaughtered slowly, 1 by 1 is worse than just getting most of your squad wasted by HE.  At least with HE its fast.  I've played too many missions where I step 4 guys out of the ranger and they get slaughtered, then next turn I get somewhat of a foothold, but then they just slaughter you.  That just sucks.

...I'd MUCH rather fight Snakemen/Chryss than Sectoid/Cyberdiscs ANY DAY.  Cyberdiscs just tend to waste me all the time, and I can usually handle Chryssalids pretty good.  The only alien that TRULY scares me in all the games is the Tentaculat from TFTD, but that's for another forum :)
Posted by Jellyfish Green
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#7 Psy Guy

Psy Guy


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Posted 10 January 2003 - 02:13 AM

Yea i had a bad mission involving a floater terror mission. Turn one the landing area was clean of aliens (or so i thought) so i moved out my troops (and one rocket tank) off the craft (skyranger) and set up a reaction defence parimater around the ramp. All but two got of the craft. (End Turn) During the hidden movement i hear some gun fire and two civs bought the farm (off screen of course).  Then out of nowhere a floater medic (i found out later) floats down from up top of my craft and fires a stun bomb KOing all but the tank and the two still in the craft.  The tank fires a rocket at the "darn" thing and kills all of my troops on the ground, the tank and the alien. Now i have only a rookie and a captain left.  After that the rookie spent most of the mission in a state of panic and the captain ended up taking all the floaters out. . End results the rookie was killed by a plasma bolt to the noggin and the captain sustained minor injuries while taking out the last few floaters.  Mission Success. Score Poor  :) (Good thing the captain had a hell of a lot of bravery and that this team was mostly rookies)

-PSY GUY-  :)
(The worst part was that all my men (except a cry baby rookie and a kickass captain) died due to a lame floater and a retarded tank.
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#8 JellyfishGreen


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Posted 10 January 2003 - 02:31 PM

There's the lesson for today, people: rockets + reaction fire is not a safe combination. Whether it's bazooka men or rocket tanks, make sure their TU's are drained and use riflemen to cover your ass instead.
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#9 EclipseDog


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Posted 24 December 2003 - 02:40 AM

I'm returning life to this extremely old thread since I've got a one-upper story over most of those.

It was an assault on a medium sized ship that had landed already. Since this was in the early days I had 10 troops and 1 HWP on my sky1.

I took one step onto the ramp with my HWP when out of nowhere an alien reaction fire comes in from straight ahead.

Not only does it blow up my tank, it also kills everyone but the 1 trooper in the far back-right corner of the plane, only leaving smoking black smears in about a 10x6 pattern and turning the outside of my plane into a blackened but still perfectly sound version of itself.

Naturally the reason that guy was in the back of the plane was that he was pathetic. He panics and runs forward like a blooming idiot... right into more reaction fire. Sure this time it was only a single shot rather than an explosion... didn't matter though since I had no one left conscious/alive.


Mission ends and all I managed to do was take 1 step. Hell didn't even get a chance to abort, which really su... err inhaled.


#10 Rosstoid



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Posted 24 December 2003 - 11:03 PM

I remember my first missions. I remember them like it was last sunday.

My 8 men walked off the skyranger. A green bolt hits soldier. I run forward. More green bolts. Soldier goes beserk. Bang bang bang. Jimmy killed by fellow soldier. Everyone dies.

In my second mission I was supposed to recover a UFO. I went into the jungle at night. The green flashes came from the bushes. I unloaded my soldiers and shot many bullets around, but most of the soldiers died by the time I saw my first alien. The snakeman (I was that bad) shot one of my two remaining soldiers. My last soldier sent a rocket into my first kill and dragged it back to the skyranger. He got shot in the back.

#11 kai


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Posted 26 December 2003 - 08:30 PM

I decided that it was about time I stop save-loading.  Played a sectoid/cyberdisk terror site in the difficulty level just above the first one.  Turned out that there were a lot more cyberdisks that I first thought.  Through the course of the mission, I lost all troops except one.  To make him take down the last cyberdisk I had to use save load immortality (bad)

At least I saved one civilian  :D
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#12 Bomb Bloke

Bomb Bloke

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Posted 28 December 2003 - 04:10 AM

I went through Superhuman with no save/reload. Averaged two lost troops a mission; however, my squad went to just another terror mision against snakemen, one of whom sent a stun bomb into my skyranger. The tank and two remaining troops didn't last long.

I could've spent more time reviving the rest of my squad, however, I got nervy that someone would shoot my survivers while they were on med duty, so I sent them out to take out anything in the immediate area.

So I lost my skyranger and squad.

The NEXT mission was another terror mission.

When I arrived, I met the Etherals for the first thime that game, and they made short work of my load of rookies.

So I lost two skyrangers in two straight missions.
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#13 M. Hoz

M. Hoz


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Posted 30 December 2003 - 09:18 PM

I remember my fffirst mission in TFTD (FULL version,got it before I did UFO)
very well.It was of course also one of my worst missions ever.

"Flight of the turtle"

I played this maybe 1 year ago...I've since then gone great steps
in convincing myself I'm not smart,but It's a slow process.

Anyway,since I thought at the time all Turn-Based Wargames are the same,
I moved my 12 men squad in a "Turtle\Tortoise?" formation (just like the Roman
one) since I thought it would protect my Flanks.And it did.Of course it was an Aquatoid only Mission too.I went safely all theway to the USO...They could'nt stop me.I was about to enter as a mysterious object dropped from
above...the rest you know.                    



"Haste makes Waste"

BTW-You know I never used the portable "Torpedo Launchers" in my life...
Are they even logical?!
Sorry for wasting your time and space....

#14 Lonestar



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Posted 09 January 2004 - 11:00 PM

If you have read my "Causlties" topic you'll see that I lost one base.  Here's how it happened:  

    I was doing an awsome job of shooting down U.F.O.s when they discovered my base.  This was the first time in the game that a base of mine was attacked, and it was attacked by Ethereals.  The first turn all but one my soldiers get either shot, blown up or mind controlled.  The last soldier was on the upper level.  He goes down the stairs and is immedietly shot by a waiting Ethereal.  

    Shortest mission I have ever had.

#15 Neorapsta



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Posted 10 January 2004 - 11:17 AM

My worst was the first ethereal/sectopod mission in my most recent attempt at UFO.

Basically I was in the middle of a base reshuffle so all my guys had plasma rifles. Anyway..Mission begins, first step...about 10 shots of reaction fire and the guy dies. So there was me thinking HS!!, and stupidly thinking with 10 reaction shots they would have run out. Basically ended up trying to repeat getting out and getting raped, then settled for getting a guy ontop of the craft to see the landscape. Last guy made it and found the skyranger was surrounded by about 6 sectopods and 4 Ethereals. That last rookie was promptly MC'd on his next turn.

Result: Aliens 14 Xcom 0

#16 NKF


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Posted 11 January 2004 - 11:10 AM

I can't provide any exact recount, but I can describe a scenario I've had several times in a variety of missions (and various games).

You begin the mission. Everything goes well. In fact, everything goes incredibly well. Everything falls in place and you're mowing down the aliens left and right. Every shot lands, every grenade strikes true (or, well, as true as an area effect weapon strikes). Every bit of alien opportunity fire missing or rolling an attack score that's too low to punch through your armour. It's just a perfect run.

By the time you start hunting down for the last few (some of which are panicking), something goes wrong, the scales are suddenly tipped and you are slaughtered. It could be anything. Return fire actually hurting you, a grenade, mind control/panic, you running out of TUs just as you spot an alien. Anything.

Your soldiers start to get cut down one after the other and the rest start to panic. Most of the casualties are a direct result of them not being able defend themselves. The mission is suddenly in a complete state of chaos and there's nothing you can do to stop it until the last soldier is either slaugtered or found a a way on to the ship and you issue the orders to dust off.

The result? A perfectly executed mission is suddenly turned into a complete and utter failure. It's not a pretty sight, but hey, it happens to even the best of us. ;)

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#17 JellyfishGreen


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Posted 12 January 2004 - 12:40 PM

I did a textbook-perfect UFO recovery last week, which I'm going to write up as a textbook example, then had half the squad wiped out by an alien grenade on the very next (terror) mission as they attempted to disperse. Notably, the HWP PANICKED, confirming NKF's sighting. But I survived that one, only to run into this:

I'm playing Superhuman and have been lucky in that I'm getting mostly floaters. So when a base turned up a few missions later, the new squad of blooded rookies felt up for it. It turned out to be a Sectoid base, and the first time those greys have had a chance to use Mind Control. Not to mention I fear Cyberdisks. But we had Heavy Plasma and Laser Pistols, so we had the firepower.

The room right next to the entry lift was a huge facilities room, the one with the watchtower. We found 5(!) cyberdisks hovering near the ceiling and started getting hit by psionics. The Psychic Warfare researchers should note that those attacked were NOT in LOS of any alien, which agrees with previous suspicions about superhuman difficulty.

Suffice it to say that after I brought down one sectoid and one 'Disk,  the psionic attacks got my Rocket Launcher trooper who promptly shot the Tank at point blank range, eliminating himself. They also got my two powersuited veterans who mowed down two rookies from the back before one recovered control and was promptly shot by the other. The last two, squaddies who had managed to get to a second hallway, were able to bring down two Cyberdisks with laser pistols before one was shot in the watchtower and the other hit by a Stun Launcher, causing him to release the safety on his primed grenade. Turn 4: Game over, man!

Okay, let's try that again...
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#18 Neorapsta



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Posted 12 January 2004 - 03:02 PM

Reminds me of one of my text-book base assault missions that went horribly wrong. It ended up being 1sectoid v entire squad, and the sectoid won.
I wish the game had an record option so I can remember my funny but humiliating defeat.

Basically it was a lone sectoid with his trusty plasma rifle holed up in one of those base rooms filled with cylinders with stuff inside them, and a 2-story lookout tower in the middle. Not entirely sure but this little critter must have had amazing reactions and reflexes as he managed to mow down my entire squad of 8 powersuit vets and a hover-plasma and laser tank. I mentioned the reflexes as he could somehow walk into view infront of everyone, shoot - kill a guy, then run off and resume scuttling around the tubes and the tower before anyone could react. This is also without using any MC either, which was a bit odd, but meant that it drew out my suffering a bit more.

End Result : Alien 10 Humans 0

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