UFO ET (March 28, 2005)


This is a modification for the Collectors Edition of UFO:Enemy Unknown (X-Com: UFO Defence). It does quite a few things in addition to the ones listed below. Follow the mirror link to XComUFO for more information, or read the text file that comes with the mod. Enjoy!

* bugfixes (geoscape/battlescape)
* video mode configuration / filters
* 1750 engineers
* 1750 scientists (~250 limit per project)
* alien grenade w/proxy (activate prime 23)
* auto sell manufacture enabled by decrease zero quantity (1111)
* allocate all scientist by decrease zero quantity
* allocate all technician by decrease zero quantity
* manufacture 'ingredients' removed at time of production
* idle engineers contribute to assembling base facilities (25/day)
* geoscape time

File Details

Filesize 270 kB
Author .max
Version March 28, 2005
Downloads 3,166

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Mirror XComUFO forum


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