Human weapons as deployed by X-Com. Tactical Brief-113, by order of Agent J.P. and Agent G.G. Classified EYES ONLY.

By Fyodor Dzhersinky, Training Sgt.

Welcome, trainees. I am here to induct you into the use of X-Com weaponry. You will address me with respect. You will not eyeball me. You will pay attention. You will learn not to ignore the best weapons humanity has to offer. You will learn to use them to good effect. Follow my rules and we will all leave this class happy capitalists, da? Let us begin.

Pistol Magazine: 12 bullets, 26 Armour Piercing damage each.
Snap shot: 60% accuracy, 18% TUs.
Aimed shot: 78% accuracy, 30% TUs.
The pistol is the weakest weapon in the armoury. However, it is versatile and quick to use. As you can see, you can fire off 5 snap shots in one turn, or 3 aimed shots, giving you a good chance of hitting the target. Best used in conjunction with a grenade or laser pistol, the pistol also serves well as a backup gun for heavy weapon troopers. Its stopping power is not to be underestimated, dealing out only 4 points less than the rifle. This means the pistol can remain useful for much of the game.


Rifle Magazine: 20 bullets, 30 Armour Piercing.
Snap shot: 60% accuracy, 25% TUs.
Auto shot: 35% accuracy, 25% TUs.
Aimed shot: 110% accuracy, 80% TUs.
The Rifle is the default main weapon for any X-Com trooper. It offers auto shots (for close encounters) and accurate single shots (for sniping). All good capitalists know their rifle is more than enough to cope with Sectoids and Floaters. Make sure to carry at least one spare magazine, as auto shots eat up ammo. Again, do not underestimate its power; concerted fire from supporting units can take down fearsome enemies such as the Chryssalid with a little effort. A versatile weapon that can be used by snipers to pick off targets from a good vantage point, like at Stalingrad, or to storm the enemy and crush them under a hail of bullets. Like at Stalingrad.


Heavy Cannon
Heavy Cannon Magazine: 6 rounds, 56 Armour Piercing/52 High Explosive/60 Incendiary.
Snap shot: 60% accuracy, 33% TUs.
Aimed shot: 90% accuracy, 80% TUs.
The Heavy Cannon is a weighty but useful weapon. The magazine size is small, necessitating at least two reloads (usually carried on the belt). I know troopers who prefer one magazine of each ammo type, Armour Piercing for interior clearance, High Explosive for clearing obstructions and tougher enemies, and Incendiary for burning cover and boiling the aliens in their own fluids! The Heavy Cannon can be useful, but it needs a strong trooper to carry it, and its small magazine means sustained fire is impossible. Added to its high rate of TU use, it relegates the Heavy Cannon to a supporting role.


Auto Cannon Magazine: 14 rounds, 42 Armour Piercing/44 High Explosive/48 Incendiary.
Snap shot: 56 % accuracy, 33% TUs.
Auto shot: 32% accuracy, 40% TUs.
Aimed shot: 82% accuracy, 80% TUs.
The Auto-cannon is the most versatile of the heavy weapons. Relatively light, with a large magazine and a choice of ammo, it also has auto shot capability, meaning it can be reliably used while clearing out UFOs. When using HE, an auto shot can clear a whole field, revealing the alien scum as they cower. When using Incendiary, an auto shot can light up half the battlefield if in a night mission, or quickly burn away any cover, as well as setting fire to enemies. It causes slightly less damage than the Heavy Cannon, but has more than twice the magazine capacity and can fire three times as fast. Truly, a mighty weapon with which to smite the enemy.


Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher Magazine: 1 rocket, 75 HE Small/100 HE Large/90 Incendiary.
Snap shot: 55% accuracy, 45% TUs.
Aimed shot: 115% accuracy, 75% TUs.
In the early stages of the war, the Rocket Launcher is X-Com's only knockout punch. Usually reserved for use against tough enemies like the Cyberdisc, or groups of weaker enemies, the Rocket Launcher is very accurate when aimed, and should NOT be used otherwise unless absolutely necessary. The size of the ammo severely limits profligacy, a unit can carry a maximum of 5 rockets (3 in backpack, one in hand, one in the launcher) and unless more ammo is spread amongst the rest of the squad, that is all you will have. I advise carrying a pistol for close protection. The nature of the weapon means it is usually deployed at the rear of a squad, so bear in mind when firing that there may be friendly units between the launcher and target. Weigh the risks carefully.


Laser Pistol
Laser Pistol Magazine: Unlimited, 46 Laser Beam.
Snap shot: 40% accuracy, 20% TUs.
Auto shot: 28% accuracy, 25% TUs.
Aimed shot: 68% accuracy, 55% TUs.
Collectively, the laser weapons are a step down in accuracy from the ballistic weapons, but a step up in power and the nature of their ammo is a big advantage. The Laser Pistol is best used in conjunction with grenades, or another weapon entirely, or merely as a backup. Bear in mind you can fire off a maximum of 12 shots a turn, each one doing almost twice the damage of a normal pistol round.


Laser Rifle
Laser Rifle Magazine: Unlimited, 60 Laser Beam.
Snap shot: 65% accuracy, 25% TUs.
Auto shot: 46% accuracy, 34% TUs.
Aimed shot: 100% accuracy, 50% TUs.
The Laser Rifle deals out twice the damage of the normal rifle, at a decreased TU cost. It hits hard enough to be useful against pretty much every enemy in the game, and its unlimited magazine eliminates ammo problems. Perfect for storming UFOs, where lots of firepower is usually required, and with no reloads necessary, you can fire and manoeuvre much more easily.


Heavy Laser
Heavy Laser Magazine: Unlimited, 85 Laser Beam.
Snap shot: 50% accuracy, 33% TUs.
Aimed shot: 84% accuracy, 75% TUs.
Perhaps the only defect in the armoury, the Heavy Laser is powerful and accurate, but uses up too many TUs, its power and accuracy is never quite enough and it's lack of auto shot is a mystery. What were those commie eggheads at the X-Com labs thinking? Scientists? Pah! This weapon has seen little use, and is best deployed to a sniper who has a laser pistol for backup. I have found no niche for it; it's usurped by other weapons which are either faster or more accurate. I spit upon this weapon!

That will be all, trainees.

Alien weapons as deployed by X-Com. Tactical Brief-123, by order of Agent J.P. and Agent G.G. Classified EYES ONLY.

By Fyodor Dzhersinky, Training Sgt.

Welcome, trainees. I am here to instruct you in the usage of appropriated alien technology. You will pay attention. You will not fall asleep in my class. If I catch any of you falling asleep you will get latrine detail for the next year. If I catch any of you passing around 'humorous' cartoons of me I will see you get latrine detail for the next year at our Antarctic station. Do not make me smite you with the communist hammer of my rage.



Plasma Pistol
Plasma Pistol Magazine: 26 rounds, 52 Plasma damage each.
Snap shot: 65% accuracy, 30% TUs.
Auto shot: 50% accuracy, 30% TUs.
Aimed shot: 85% accuracy, 60% TUs.
The Plasma Pistol is, like all pistols, best used in conjunction with grenades or another weapon, or as a backup for a heavy weapons trooper. The observant will note that the auto shot takes as little time as a snap shot, and is almost as accurate. The Plasma Pistol is the weakest of the alien weapons but can still bring to bear a large amount of firepower. When paired with a Laser Pistol, it can quickly bring down any enemy.


Plasma Rifle
Plasma Rifle Magazine: 28 rounds, 80 Plasma.
Snap shot: 86% accuracy, 30% TUs.
Auto shot: 55% accuracy, 36% TUs.
Aimed shot: 100% accuracy, 60% TUs.
With possibly the highest all-round accuracy in the game, the Plasma Rifle is the premier weapon for sniping, packing enough punch to stop most enemies with one or two shots. Also featuring auto shot capability for close encounters, it is a good all-round weapon, with a magazine large enough to see you through most battles without a reload. The low TU cost also means a trooper can deal with a range of situations in the same turn. I wish my grandfather had owned one of these at Stalingrad.


Heavy Plasma
Heavy Plasma Magazine: 35 rounds, 115 Plasma.
Snap shot: 75% accuracy, 30% TUs.
Auto shot: 50% accuracy, 35% Tus.
Aimed shot: 110% accuracy, 60% TUs.
The Heavy Plasma is quite simply the best weapon the aliens have, and employed properly, is unsurpassed in combat. Powerful enough to drop almost every enemy with a single shot, a large magazine, fine accuracy and light weight, despite the 'Heavy' classification. Any troopers of average strength may carry this plus their usual equipment and suffer no mobility problems. When you have this gun, your forces will go through the aliens like Russians through Nazi swine. Truly, a weapon worthy of Mother Russia. And the rest of the world, of course.


Blaster Launcher
Blaster Launcher Magazine: 1 Blaster Bomb, 200 High Explosive damage each.
Aimed shot: 120% accuracy, 80% TUs.
A revolutionary step in projectile weaponry, the Blaster Bomb can be programmed to follow waypoints, and so may be fired at enemies beyond visual range, whether they are behind hills, around corners or cowering in small rooms. The applications are wide-ranging, varying from striking enemy strongpoints from out of harm's reach to terrain clearance, breaching the exteriors/interiors of UFOs and general devastation. After you've used this weapon a few times, the battlefield will begin to look like Stalingrad. Misfires can be disastrous, due to the massive power and explosive radius of the bombs, and although only a maximum of seven rounds can be carried by a trooper, and the weight is considerable, the potential of the weapon outweighs the problems.


Small Launcher
Small Launcher Magazine: 1 Stun Bomb, 90 Stun damage each.
Snap shot: 65% accuracy, 40% TUs.
Aimed shot: 110% accuracy, 75% TUs.
The Small Launcher is the main implement for taking aliens alive. Due to their nature, they are difficult to capture, refusing to surrender even when up against impossible odds. Capturing them was only previously possible by accident or using the Stun Rod, and either way has too many risks associated with it to be profitable. The Small Launcher's explosive radius is small, but the stun damage is quite powerful and even stronger enemies, if weakened with other weapons beforehand, should be rendered unconscious. Missed shots are unfortunate, but at least any friendly troops caught by the blast will merely be knocked out.