January 2012

These screenshots first appeared as part of GameInformer’s month-long exclusive coverage and were since released un-branded on RockPaperShotgun.

The beautiful new Geoscape Sectoid ETs Taking care when fighting new foe: the Thin Men Preparing to open fire on a beefy Muton Checking the chances to hit the Thin Men The "Ant Farm" - your interactive home base General lighting and a hint of flame at the top-right suggest we're approaching a crashed UFO The squad heads out on a mission The burning wreckage of the van shows the value of good cover A manufacturing facility back at base Distracting a Muton A mean-looking Cyberdisc preparing to fire Taking aim at the unsuspecting Mutons Catching Sectoids by surprise Close-up showing the Cyberdisc about to fire, with another one in its more familiar form in the background


Muton Sectoids Cyberdisc (ready to attack in foreground, and in closed position in the background) Floater