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#1 Okim


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Posted 29 April 2010 - 09:29 AM

Hi everyone.

Since Strategycore has this forum that is dedicated to SOTS i wanted to add a thread here with a link to my ACM ANY mod on Kerberos forum. Hope that this little advertisement wont make anybody offended :cool:

You can find some tips, manual, lots of screenshots and other useful info about my ACM ANY mod here: http://www.kerberos-.../...f=16&t=6835

Thanks for your attention.

#2 Space Voyager

Space Voyager

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Posted 01 May 2010 - 01:13 PM

If you don't mind, I'm posting your mod features.


Mod features:

- 19-branched tech-tree.
- great number of new weapons (including 3-barrelled versions of large weapons, heavy beams and torpedo launchers for projector mounts, 4 new siege weapons such as plasma annihilator and stellar converter, new missile-like torpedoes and many other).
- new human ship models (all human models, exept stations, were replaced).
- gunships as police cutters (small one-section ships with good speed and mobility).
- new sections (CR fixed mount comsections that use spinal mounts as main weapons, DE repair and salvage ships for earlier tech salvaging, DOOMSTAR - huge DN based ships acting as flagships and siege weapon platforms).
- CR beam platforms (CR based platforms with heavy weapons mounted on a huge turret. These weapons could be either heavy beams, projectors or 3-barrelled versions of normal large weapons).
- CR drone platforms (pre-ANY versions that use unique models. There are no DN drone sats in ACM).
- DN siege platforms (DN based enormous satellites that have a single siege weapon mount to deal with enemy DNs and DOOMSTARS).
- three types of drones instead of two.
- replaced swarmer weapons and explosions.
- totally new explosion, engine and missile/torpedo trail effects.
- reworked planetary assaults: planets now do not launch missiles, all weapons have reduced damage to planets (~1000 times lower), armor sections now can carry a variety of bombs, dropships are introduced to allow capturing of enemy colonies.
- improved shielding technology. Shields are now more efficient, but they cost several times more research to develop (http://www.mos-rsi.r...d/deshield4.jpg).
- new graphics, sounds and texts.

A huge piece of work, really.

#3 Kekkonen



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Posted 08 August 2010 - 01:21 PM

The ship models look stupid with all their clichéy "coolness over practicality"
There's literally pipes underbelly of the ships completely left unarmored and bare to the dangers of space

Honestly, if this is your vision of what future space combat ships look, then you have confused atmospherical steampunk floating ships with space ships. In the next update or patch, could you atleast cover the pipes in the underbelly of the human ships with armor plates you have attached on the DE armor section?

Because I cringe everytime I see my ships roll over revealing their belly

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