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The Making of X-COM

baby arm

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A little game you might have heard of was given the retrospective treatment at Edge, with contributions from Julian Gollop himself.


The original demo was for a relatively modest, two player tactical game. MicroProse asked them to base the action on Earth and to expand on the original design to deliver something more in keeping with the other epic strategy games it already had on its roster.
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No idea. Last we heard Julian was producing a chess game for Ubisoft, but no news since then.


The 600 000 figure is a lot more than Dave Ellis suggested. I think that would be a good figure even today, provided the budget was not too high. I fired off an e-mail to Edge seeking confirmation of the figure, because it wasn't a direct quote from Julian.


Also, why are we the only ones not to get a response from him? :)

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