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X-COM Goes Free

baby arm

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Hmm, I tried downloading X-COM and a couple other free titles (such as Joust which was a fave of mine way back in the day). I downloaded and installed the gametap player first, then tried to start the download for X-COM. No dice, it says my video card doesn't have properly updated drivers or it isn't even supported. WTF!?! Why does it need a video card anyway? Stupid apps people come up with these days... Aaargh! ;)


Sure glad I never tried to purchase any downloadable games from sites like that. It's a good idea to test out whether you can even download the game while it's free.


- Zombie

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X-COM: UFO Defense is now a freebie on GameTap. This is a good way to give the game a try if you've been sleeping on it for the past 15 years or so, but act fast since the offer ends February 5th.

I actually signed on tonight fo rno other reason than topost that it may not be news but X:EU is on game tap...

so it's hardly news, and it's nolonger free ( it's part of the bundle of games you can play if you are a member.


Some news, I knew irt wouldn't be , so much as - I'd like to htink maybe more people wil be exposed to the game - many newer gamers, of course, missed it - and despite the graphics being, uh, dated -I htink the gameplay (especially of Apoc, which broke me of my turn-based only snobbery) isstill unequalled.


Here's to keeping our fingers crossed that renewed interest in the game - or, interest by a new generation, will lead to sufficient demand for a sequel.

And then we can cross our fingers that they don't murder the franchise by turning into an RTS, or another FPS.


Howdy; all.

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