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Nearly all X-COM games are now available on Steam


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right.... but i assumed that if xcomutil could fix the difficulty bug, then steam could've just applied the xcomutil patch to the game beforehand.


speaking of which, i can't seem to get xcomutil to run with the steam version. i've done what i usually do -- copy the files into the directory, run the xcusetup.bat file, and then edited the dosbox.conf file to call runxcom.bat instead of ufocd.bat. am i missing something? (maybe it's because steam uses ufocd.bat instead of ufo.exe/geoscape.exe/tactical.exe?)

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ah sorry, heh. i was getting an outer shell crash before the game loaded. i don't recall exactly what it said, which isn't much help... it was something to the effect of direct draw not working properly.


i had deleted ufo defense through steam yesterday, thinking that i could remove the xcomutil files and try again with a fresh install; however, when i reinstalled ufo defense through steam, all of the xcomutil files were still there. i loaded up the game and it worked this time, xcomutil running.


so it's fixed; i don't know how, and i can't recreate the error from yesterday.

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While I'm dithering between buying these or Spore, can someone confirm that these will run in Vista? I've noticed on the steam site that it says you need a "windows 2000 / XP compatible PC" - does this mean that they will run in compatibility mode? Only the copies I've got of UFO and TFTD don't. Believe me, I've tried!


EDIT: Woops, sorry. Finally found the right sub forum over on Steam. It would appear that some do but TFTD DOES NOT


X-COM Compatibility

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I just want to confirm, before I buy this. You CAN use xcomutil with it, right? I know i've bought some steam games that didn't work well with mods.


I have the CE, but if I can get back to the dos version and get my Prox grenades back, I'll be all the happier.

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well I honestly don't play TFTD that much. if i buy the pack it's going to be 99% for UFO.



But, if the company comes through and releases the dos version of TFTD as an update, it should work then. If not, I actually do have the dos version of TFTD laying around here somewhere as well as the collectors edition with it on there, so it's not like I'm starving.


I almost feel stupid about buying this, since I do own all of the games already. 2 copies of tftd(one dos, one on the CE) 2 copies of Apocalypse(one dos, one on CE) I have interceptor, I have enforcer, I HAD a floppy copy of UFO, but I lost all my floppies at some point and I have no idea where they might be. But oh well, 15 dollars to support the possibility of a new x-com game... even though it'd probably suck even if they did make it. Not a huge loss.

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