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IGN with rumors, a podcast and a Warplay column on X-COM


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IGN has an strategy column going called Warplay. In its second installment the topic is X-COM. The first part is about the rumors that have been appearing on the internet for the last two years, which claim that there is a new X-COM game in development.


It's no secret that 2K Games acquired the X-COM license from Atari in June of 2005 and there's been speculation ever since that the publisher was looking for a studio to work on a sequel. After a few more rumors surfaced this week, we decided to do a little more digging of our own to find out if the rumors were true. Our inside source told us, "There's not much to tell, actually, other than that it's real." Now we still don't have official confirmation that the game is being developed by the former Irrational team or to what extent, if any, Ken Levine is connected. There was apparently, at some time, discussion of assigning the project to 2K Marin but since it is hard at work on BioShock 2, that doesn't seem likely.



The second part is about what IGN would like to see in a potential sequel.


So what would we like to see from this new sequel? Well, first and foremost, this is we're going to have to say we'd like to see another realistically modeled tactical strategy game. But even if the developers depart from that basic format, there are some key aspects of the design that we fell are necessary to maintain continuity with the franchise. First, the overall atmosphere of an alien invasion as an imminent global threat has to be maintained. While the original game definitely rode a wave of ET paranoia in the 1990s (thanks, Chris Carter), games where aliens invade the earth seem even more popular today than they were 15 years ago.



IGN also has a separate news post about the rumor of a new X-COM game:


An inside source tells IGN that a new X-Com game is underway. Rumors of a new game have existed for quite some time due to the fact that 2K acquired the X-COM license from Infogrames back in 2007. (actually, it was acquired by Take 2 in 2005, as per USPTO; Gimli)


Finally, IGN talks about X-COM in their Command Prompt podcast. The parts relevant to X-COM are from 6:24 (-53:30) to 14:33 (-45:20).

They say they're more excited with a new X-COM then Doom 4. They hope for a remake of the first game with updated GUI and graphics. They mention Hasbro/Microprose ruining the franchise with Enforcer etc., and then closing shop. They mention Alliance and Genesis, and even the Pocket PC version of UFO. They also discuss "consolification", dumbing down and the PS version of UFO.

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I sure hope they stick to turn-based! I can't say I find it likely, but like the IGN guys I want a new version of UFO: Enemy Unknown. With modern physics (destructible like Silent Storm for instance), a polished GUI and modern graphics, it would be great! I'm all for minor additions to the gameplay (addons for weapons and many of the things used in the UFO: After games), but no great diversions from the core.
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if you read the story to genesis (somwhere on last oupost) you'll see how much the story kicks arse... if they were to use the same story and make a game as awesome, intense and addictive as the first, but more complex and cool than apocalypse im sure it'd be a gaming revolution. the stuff of legend :)
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Guest musum

For me it wouldnt be X-com without a turn based and destructable terrain. With mecanics that would allow you to toss grenades inside buildings through the windows. Need an extra entry to the building, just blow a hole in wall. Or just blow the whole building up. Like silent storm, where you can level a whole area if you brought enough explosives. Because when im able to equip my troops with weaponry that takes out heavy armored vehicles I dont want to see it not able to destroy a small wooden door or penetrate a standard house wall.


I hope they stay true to the old games and expand them further , adding new techs to develop, more sinister aliens, and be able to wage war on the aliens in all kinds of terrain and climates. Hell they could even give the game a option to play the aliens. Abduct humans, research them and prepare to take over earth. Develop new species that is optimal for fights in different scenarios, be it underwater, in the air and so on.


But looking at what has been done to good old games earlier when they do a follow up it will most likely be some eye candy game with realtime combat and dumbed down tactical managment. Which can be beaten with ease the moment you realize that you just need to deploy your troops in the start and just wait since all the aliens will home in on your position eventualy and come walking down nice and easy in single file.

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I think it refers to possible consolification and dumbing down. As I recall they mentioned this and then one of them said that the PS version is a counter example and they even said the PS version has gained quite a fan base, which is news to me. Could be true I suppose, but it's not the impression I got.
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This is great news.


For me, they could leave everything alone, just update the graphics with dx9/10 effects, and update the tactical gameplay with some of the better aspects from JA2 (like going prone etc), then it would be perfect.


Realtime combat would be awful. I hated Xcom Apoc with a passion. :)

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You know, this kind of stuff seems so common-sense to me, it's stupid.


X-Com (and subsequently TFTD) are well over a decade old at this point...and still have a MASSIVE following. What does that tell you? Even WITH the bugs, these games are ROCK SOLID. People love them to death. This is a no-brainer.


So why the HELL has nobody bothered making new X-COM games? Besides the franchise getting tossed between companies, that is. UFO: After... series were ok, but they obviously were FAR from X-com. All they need to do is model a new game EXACTLY like X-COM, doctor it up a bit, update it for the times, and there you go, another instant classic. Leave it turn-based. Leave it squad-based. Leave it as is, just UPDATE it. UFO: After... butchered the basic principal of X-com, although UFO: ET pulled it off a little bit better, but still didn't get it right. Everyone keeps trying to change the basic formula, trying to create something new...NOBODY WANTS THAT lol!


And the biggest thing, if I may, is modibility. The After- series had this DOWN. You could change anything and everything in that game, and it was easy to boot. Imagine that kind of adapability in an X-com game...people could release their own mods, players could update/modify/fix bugs and whatnot that don't make it into official patches...I think you guys get the idea.


There are enough RTS types, enough real-time squad games, and various other off-shoots...give us back out turn-based squad games. I love everything being attached to a grid; it gives it a nice, clean, organized feel. X-com and it's squares were perfect. Try and keep it that way!

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Well said. :laugh:


You know, in terms of modding, X-COM Interceptor made huge strides in this area by putting all the stats in text files. If Genesis wasn't prematurely canceled, I'm fairly sure Dave Ellis would have insisted on text files for modders there as well. In the end though, Genesis wasn't just a sexed up version of X-COM - it added a lot of new things so we wouldn't have wanted that either. ;)


- Zombie

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