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Adventure games...


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Beneath a Steel Sky is a classic. Was always partial to the broken sword games myself. They do seem to be a dying breed these days though. Witness the cancellation of Sam & Max: Freelance Police & Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels and the changes made to the latest Broken Sword game, The Sleeping Dragon.

Farenheit and Gumshoe Online looks promising.

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They're a lot of fun. I especially like the ones that you can play through and watch it as if it were an actual movie/cartoon (like Full Throttle). I'm not overly fond of the ones with depressingly hard puzzles or tiring puzzles (at first) such as Escape from Monkey Island (Aak, eek, oop to you too) - but that's not to say that it wasn't enjoyable.


Then there's your classic text adventure games. Zork and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy anyone?


The main problem with adventure games are their limited replayability. Once you've won it and done everything that can possibly be done, there's nothing much left to do. Of course, with games like DOTT, Full Throttle and some of the Space Quest games (or whatever series it was that stars Roger Wilco, Space Guy! (really a janitor)) (to name a small selection), they're amusing (or funny) enough that you go back to them from time to time just for the entertainment even if you know practically every action/consequence by heart.



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"Full Throttle", baby ! :huh:


I can still hear those pesky cave dweller's rides hugging the asphalt... :D


But that was back in the day when Lucas Arts didn't put games on the chopping block for the sake of a quick buck...




Last year I even went out on a limb and tried a Myst title for the first time (Myst IV: Revelation). I haven't managed to finish the game, and obstacles can get to be pretty tough, but, overall, I still think it was a worthy purchase.


I surprised myself by getting as far as I did (though that wasn't very far :D) and when frustration eases up and you're just exploring, soaking up the environments, it can be a fantastically absorbing experience.


If you try it, partnering up is also recommended (start playing the game at the same time as someone else and do it co-op, so to speak).



Dreamfall: The Longest Journey has been on my radar for a while now as well. I might get around to picking it up - though UFO: Aftershock takes precedence and comes out just a tad before... :)

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Yeah, adventure games as we know them is a dying breed. The Longest Journey was an adventure game for all it's worth, but Dreamfall seems to be moving closer to the action genre :huh:. I don't want it to turn into bloody Toombraider!
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@FullAuto: Yeah, adventure games as we know them is a dying breed. The Longest Journey was an adventure game for all it's worth, but Dreamfall seems to be moving closer to the action genre :D. I don't want it to turn into bloody Toombraider! Can't believe my countrymen will do something so stupid though. So most of the game industry acts like prostitutes. Doesn't mean Funcom have to.


As for Broken Sword, I've bought all three games. Haven't tested them yet though. Will do, as they seem nice!


Regarding BASS, they are currently making the sequel! :huh: Let's hope they stay true to the first one in gameplay and style (though I doubt it).


@Matri: I never played Grim. It is as good as they say?


@NKF: Yeah, replayability is a problem. But as you say, games like DOTT you'll return to no matter. It's the sort of game I'll probably play every 5 years for the rest of my life :)


@Thorondor: I've been thinking of trying the Myst games. Doesn't look like my sort of game though.


As for Lucas Arts, that is so sad! Sierra dead, Lucas Arts turned to Star Wars prostitution and so on...it's just sad :D

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Rumour has it that the next Broken Sword game will return to the point 'n click style and the distribution is going to be download only, and if that's true I'm really looking forward to it.

Adventure games are pretty much the only genre that caters to 'mature' gamers without feeling the need to add gratuitous swearing, violence or nudity. It's quite nice to play a game where there are believable, or at least fleshed-out, characters and enjoy an engrossing plot AND tax your brain. It's also nice to come across a female character that isn't a sex object.

Wait, that doesn't sound right...oh dear.

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Well, that is a good rumour indeed! And since the folks behind Broken Sword is also the folks behind BASS, that's a good thing for BASS2 as well! If you haven't played The Longest Journey by the way, play it!
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Your point was, the Times sells better in your county.

My point was, this is irrelevant because they are both national newspapers and comparing the sales figures from one county wouldn't say anything about their popularity, except in that county.

Seeing as they are both national newspapers, the only fair way to judge their popularity would be to look at their sales figures for the whole country.


The topic 'Adventure games' now resumes. We apologise for any inconvenience. :huh:

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The Star sells more copies because the Times doesn't have page three girls :huh: Personally I don't see what the fascination is.


As for adventure games, they are biased against trolls. Troll characters are always big and stupid. :D:):D


I'm not much of a fan of adventure games because of the limited replay value.

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Hmmm, do they have any positive troll characters?

Hmm, I don't think so. Let me think:

  • Subways - CHECK
  • Spaceships - CHECK
  • Mermaids - CHECK
  • Wizards - CHECK
  • Giants - CHECK
  • Dragons - CHECK
  • ...

Hmm, no, only a giant I seem to remember. Then again, Crow is sort of a troll... :cool:


Seriously though, if you never played an adventure game before, DO play The Longest Journey. It's dirt cheap by now, and quite fantastic. I'm a little skeptical to the new action elements of Dreamfall, but I'll keep an open mind...

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