Sandy Wastes - post apocalyptic Sentinels mod

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#1 Slaughter



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Posted 03 July 2005 - 12:14 PM

It is still at least 3-4 months off, but Vance's upcoming "Sandy Wastes" modification is shaping up to be quite an adventure! Set in a post apocalyptic 1978, where all is sand and little technology remains, you'll have to carefully choose your path. Roleplaying elements are stronger in this modification, and who you join or what you say really matters. You can read more about Vance's modification in this forum thread.

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 07:26 PM

Back story / setting for 'sandy wastes'

  Among the scientists that worked on 'the gadget' (the first atomic bomb which was tested at the Trinity Test Site in New Mexico) there was a traitor. Through unknown means he was able to leak almost all of the research and designs to Japan. The Japanese shared the information with Germany and the two began their work on their own bombs. Their combined efforts proved exceptionally fruitful. Both countries had a sizable stockpile by the time that America decided to use 'Fat Man' and 'Little Boy.' This resulted in the obvious: nuclear retaliation by the Japanese. Las Angeles was first hit on August 12, 1945, then again on the 13. Few survived, the bombs that the Japanese had developed were far superior and deadlier than the American versions.

  The Russians, however, had discovered the German's nuclear nerve center, deep under Berlin. The technology was beyond anything that had been seen before, hundreds upon hundreds of 'little gadgets,' each with their own means of propulsion and guidance. The Russians attempted to launch a counter-attack. Unfortunately, the German system was not operated properly: thousands of drone bombers were launched, targets chosen at random- seeming to favor the most populous places... By August 14 little was left.

  What technology that remains is all from the '40s - little progress was made towards rebuilding the world. Some of the survivors found the new world strangely appealing.- The individual was king- no governments. The lawlessness was rampant- people could not see past living through the day- this sped civilizations decline. By the '60s women had almost vanished- their lives had become quite terrible as one could imagine- it seemed that the current generation would be the last generation.

  Raiders have garnered much power. They used to simply be more aggressive scavengers, but they have organized and started building bases underground where they horde what goods are left.
  Small thriving towns have sprung up- seeing the eventual end of mankind they are people banding together to form a semblance of a normal life. Usually completely untrusting of outsiders, it is quite difficult to enter their walled towns.
  The Church of the Rubicon and its followers 'the cleaned' try to bring about contentment in their current life through the technology of the old- They have developed an irreversible process that allows one contentment and inner-peace even in the harshness of the waste.
  Into this world has come a sweeping plague- 'vapor sickness.' Red clouds that can paralyze, blind or even kill. You have gotten word that the one female you have ever known, Polly, has been exposed. You emerge from the waste to help her.

#3 DoomMunky



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Posted 06 July 2005 - 05:30 PM

Sweet! Great heads-up! Anything that smacks of more Fallout is money in my book, baby, absolutely money.

#4 Kizmiaz


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Posted 06 July 2005 - 08:45 PM

Cool. This looks nice!
More FEV to the gamers. Mmm, is it possible to throw in a water chip also? :P

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