Earth's major corporations finally recognise that Earth is a slowly dying world. The Earthbound corporations, together with many with colonial presence, unite to devise a solution to Earth's problems aside from fleeing into space. Designers and architects couple with the greatest minds of the worlds and draw up a striking and elaborate plan for vast, self-contained cities. Each 'Megalopolis' would house huge units of the world's population, with everything the city could need for survival within the same city.

The governments of the worlds recognise that this plan might be the world's last hope as far as humanity is concerned, but are hesitant to commit to funding the hugely expensive project. In 2063, however, the New World Council is finally persuaded to fund a single Megalopolis as a test. If the experiment proves successful, the governments will fund further cities. The first city, dubbed 'MegaPrimus', is begun upon the ruins of Toronto in the NAA.

In February, Harvey Wayne retires from his Premier-Presidency of the NAA. J. Scott Cameron succeeds him, rapidly becoming one of the most popular world leaders in history, before he is assassinated in 2069.


The Earth Science Corps finally confirm the presence of the huge elerium deposit the UGS Patton was sent to investigate so long ago. Despite the loss of the Patton, the wealth is too great to ignore, and a fleet of fifteen Solmine freighters is rapidly organised. Three Patton-class X-COM cruisers provide an escort. They arrive in June, with no serious problems impeding their progress. Full scale mining operations are rapidly begun.

Transtellar snap up the rights to all research in interstellar space travel as news of the elerium deposit reaches Earth. Within months, scientists have developed a prototype drive system that could propel spacecraft to the stars, faster than light.


The first shipments of elerium-115 from Mars are split evenly amongst the governments of the world. The NAA and the Eurasian Hegemony grant 50% of their allotments to Transtellar for the testing of the new FTL drive. The test is a success, and several governments commission Transtellar to construct an undisclosed number of small engines. The corporation is given top priority for elerium-115 supply.

The success of Mars Mine 1 initiates a 22nd century 'gold rush'. More than a dozen corporations launch missions to Mars, and within a year there are fifteen distinct colonies on Mars. With government attention still focused on Earth itself, the Mars colonies are left to their own devices, and skirmishes between the corporations occur. X-COM establish a base on the red planet in an attempt to keep the peace.

In May, the Earth Science Corps launch thirty-seven trans-light scientific probes towards regions of space that promise the prospect of colonisation. Several probes are lost immediately as they initiate their FTL drives. Many others report nothing of significant value.