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New New XCom footage


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Modified your post to embed the video, hope you don't mind!


What little bit I've listened to does sound interesting, but I've yet to watch the whole thing so I won't pass judgement on it just yet (aside from them capturing a Titan then deploying it on the enemy in the same 60 seconds).

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No prob mate, embedding didn't work for me so I went back to link.


The amount of options available to your agents looks good. Totally nonsensical, AFAI can tell (e.g. the energy field ability: how can that be a man's special ability, surely you're going to need certain technology for it?) but it looks like there will be plenty of variety.


However, Thomas mentions early on that when playing earlier XComs, they felt "almost overhwelmed" by the amount of choices available, so it's safe to say this game is going to be much more focused.


This could be good, but it's not going to be what springs to my mind when I think of X-Com.

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It looks better than I first anticipated, but still it's cover based, auto-health recovery, agents-revivable, console minded game... Console minded means that it works in large chunks instead of small, detailed parts. Sure, the graphics, the animations, the environment and the eye-candy stuff is quite fine, but notice when "ultimate war machine" shoots aliens; all the cover-line of aliens, even the one out of blast radius is killed, because the stuff doesn't work range-based, but target-zone based. And the target zone is "behind these covers", not "just that spot."


Anyway, at least the retro-style is in place... But will definately need better scripting and voice acting. At least some original quotes to make it more personal. My hernandez was special for me not because of her abilities, but because of how she played out, and without even saying a word she became the center of all my attention... and then she died and we cried. Hope it will work out like that in the game too.

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I sighed in disgust when he said they were overwhelmed by the directions you could go in UFO. That was the point, mate! That's one of the myriad things that made it a great game.


Some of the "improvements" they made on the game to make it more tactical are interesting. But honestly I think it made it worse. Running from one pile of sandbags you duck beneath to another looks dull as dirt. And being able to command your squadmates is a cool addition in theory, but it doesn't look like they've implemented it well IMO.

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