UFO Aftermath Publisher Interview

Olav managed to get time to speak with Cenega - the European publisher for UFO Aftermath - and asked them about promotional and distribution plans for the game.

UFO Aftermath E3 Interview

Mike quizzed Brian Faller from Cenega regarding the publishing schedule and Martin Klima about more of the technical aspects of the gameplay.

UFO Aftermath Chat Log - 19/02/03

A chat session with wider team members covering everything from game elements to publication and even what the guys wear when they’re working!

UFO Aftermath Chat Log - 19/09/02

The following question and answer session took place in the unofficial chatroom on the 19th of September 2002. Martin Klima and Jiri Rydl were present from ALTAR Interactive, as were a number of fans and visitors.

UFO Aftermath Follow-Up Interview

In this interview Pete clears up some questions raised during the first interview, with MArtin Klima and Jiri Rydl all to happy to oblige.

UFO Afermath Short Q&A

A brief Q&A between ooda and Martin Klima, covering modding and sequel possibilities.

UFO Aftermath - First Interview

An initial interview conducted by Pete at the former site back when the game was called UFO: Freedom Ridge.

X-COM Enforcer Interview

This classic interview from way back in April 2001 features nine members of the X-COM: Enforcer team moderated by Pete.