Jagged Alliance 3D Hands-On Preview

Mike Nino managed to play a pre-beta copy at the 2006 E3 convention of this third installment in the series. Like its predecessors, this is real-time/turn-based except in 3D. It is skeptical whether MiST land - South can produce a sequel rivaling the earlier games in the series, but there is also hope since they are listening to the fans requests.

Sword of the Stars Interview Part 2

Mike talks to MArtin Cirulis about what sets the game apart from other 4x games as well as reactive AI resulting in an enemy that learns from your moves.

Sword of the Stars Interview Part 1

StrategyCore had the opportunity to speak with Martin Cirulis, CEO/Lead Designer of Kerberos Productions, regarding his new 4x space strategy game, Sword of the Stars.

Disciples III Interview

StrategyCore in conjunction with our affiliate Tacticular Cancer had a chance to talk to Alexander (the associate producer) of Disciples III series in Akella. For those of you new to the series, it’s in the same genre as the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

Jagged Alliance 3D Interview

StrategyCore representatives had a chance to visit with Elena Melnikova (PR manager) and Vitaly Shutov (head) of MiST land - South at the Game Factory Interactive booth at this year’s (2006) E3 to talk about Jagged Alliance 3D.

War World: Tactical Combat Preview

Bomb Bloke examined this fast-paced mech game which features robotic units you can retro-fit with a variety of armor, weapons and propulsion systems. A nice addition is an arcade mode with 100 levels of shoot ‘em up fun.

UFO: Extraterrestrials Interview

Conducted by Pete in early 2006, this interview with Chaos Concept’s Managing Developer, Michal Dolezal, features exclusive screenshots of the game and more.

Pocket UFO Review

The classic PC game UFO: Enemy Unknown was ported to the Pocket PC in 2006. See what Accounting Troll thought of the effort.

UFO: Aftershock Second Preview

The remains of humanity are fighting to regain control of Earth. Read what Slaughter thought after his hands-on experience previous to the game’s release.

UFO Aftershock Interview

An interview with Robert Hoffman and Martin Klima of ALTAR Interactive, with post-interview comments from Jiri Rydl. E3 Conversation with Ondrej Laba, Cenega’s producer of UFO:Aftershock.

Heroes of Might & Magic V Interview

An interview by Mike Nino. Transcript by Mike Nino, Julie Lambert, Angelspit and Slaughter. Mike Nino met Fabrice Cambounet at E3 2005. The Ubisoft representative kindly answered questions submitted by members of Celestial Heavens and StrategyCore.

UFO: Aftershock Preview

PlacidDragon and Slaughter went to visit ALTAR in the Czech Republic in December of 2004. This is their impression of the game at that point.

UFO Aftershock Chat Log - 25/11/04

A chat conducted with Jiri Rydl, Robert Hoffman and Martin Klima covering Tactical and Strategic aspects of the game.

Silent Storm: Sentinels Chat Log - 21/10/04

A transcript from a chat we had with representatives from Nival Interactive and JoWooD Productions about Silent Storm and it’s expansion Silent Storm: Sentinels. We also got a little information on their upcoming game, Nightwatch.

UFO Aftermath Chat Log - 11/09/03

A Q&A session with team members of ALTAR Interactive, Cenega Publishing and Tri Synergy.