Reticulan Mod 1.0


This mod is designed to make reticulans better opponents instead of the weakilngs they are
(once your soldiers get too powerful for them at least).
Changes in this mod are aimed at reticulan rebels, but expedition will be affected as well.
There are also some changes to humans as well, new trainings and small equipment changes.

With this mod, reticulans will be at least as powerful as beastmen in later stages of the

This mod is designed for version 1.7 of Ufo Afterlight.

Changes include new reticulan armors (Ufo veterans will remember the Basic, Sky, Sun and Bio armors) and weapons, new human armors and equipment, new trainings and research, and humans can use psionic weapons.

See included Readme.txt for details.

Questions and comments are welcome in this topic.


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Filesize 3,163 kB
Author BolaDePel
Version 1.0
Downloads 799


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