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A mod that speeds up and significantly weakens the Panzerkleins in Silent Storm.

From the Readme:

PK Mod v1.0

Author: Biggles


When I thought about the design brief that may have been given to
some mad scientist working on such a thing as a Panzerklien it occured
to me that they would have had mobility as a prime factor.

No vehicle can survive long in a hostile environment if it is a sitting
duck. So I've tweaked the design of the PKs to match this brief. In
short they are quicker, but weaker.

A couple of other changes to the game have been made also. These
will probably be a constant in all my mods.

PK Changes:

* AP cost for movement has had modifiers removed.
* Terrorist Pks can no longer Hide (Allied Scout Only)
* The Richochet Probability of their armour has been changed:
45 to 40
* PK Armour has had it's strength & penetration values adjusted:
450 -> 250
300 -> 100
* The Max VP of all PKs has been drastically reduced:
Allied PK 450 -> 250
Allied Scout PK 400 -> 220
Allied Sniper PK 420 -> 220

Axis PK 600 -> 250
Axis Engineer PK 550 -> 300
Axis Soldier PK 700 -> 300

THO Boss PK 1000 -> 500
THO Grenadier PK 600 -> 350
THO Medic PK 600 -> 300
THO AGS PK 600 -> 350
THO Gatling PK 600 -> 350
THO LasGun PK 600 -> 350

Game Changes:

* On 'Normal' level you MUST carry out your unconcious guys
* On 'Normal' level you will NOT be healed when you leave a map.
* Some AP costs have been changed:
Enter PK 10 -> 12
InterUnit Item Transfer 0 -> 2
Item Take/ Throw 0 -> 2
ItemSlot (Inventory MOve) 0 -> 2

File Details

Filesize 3 kB
Author Biggles
Downloads 3,351


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