Adding Random Encounters

Tutorial 3 - Adding a Random Encounter

Author: Xander

To add your own custom random encounters make sure you have on the resource tab the template 'Chapters'. To select this:

Select View--->select resource tabs--->You'll get a Resources Layout, Here you select the tab 'Scenario Globals' you'll see the a selection 'Chapters' select it click ok and now it's time to add an encounter.

OK I'm going to show you how to add a random encounter to the Allied campaign. First off you have to choose a map to add. I haven't yet made a map so I'll add a map from the game encounters. When selecting the chapters tab you see the folders 'Game' and 'Test'.
Open up the 'Game' folder then select the 'Allies' folder and here you will see the Global maps from the game:

England 1 = South Britain
England 2 = North Britain

We're going to add the map to England 1 double click on England 1, that loads up
the map. Here you wil see several icons: The green-white circle are the Scenario zones The X's linked to each other are the Random encounters

Now right click on the map where you want to add the map, then click on 'New Sector'. It will ask for how many sectors to stay with the game we leave this to 6 (a side note: you can drag the x's to the place you want so in the game the random encounter icon moves around the map)

Now that we've added a new sector, Right Click on the new sector to bring up the Sector properties.

String ID: ---> If you want to name it not needed
Probability: ---> Enter here a number between 0 and 100 this is for how often the random encounter shows on the map.

When selected random the next is Template or if Zone or Exit this will change
in Scenario zone.

Template ---> Box for selecting you random encounter map (opens up resource
Scenariozone ---> Box for selecting you Scenario (opens up resource tab:Scenario Zones)

Type :
Random ---> Making the sector a random encounter
Zone ---> Making the sector a game mission
Exit Zone ---> Making the sector a Exit out of the map

I Hope this explains the sector properties. OK, on with the show.

Select the Template box here you see all the maps in the game so you just find where you added your map. I'm going to the Random Encounters - Allies here I select England and the map "EnglandCrossroads" (In game this is the small map with a truck in the middle) press 'OK'.

Make sure you have probility set to 40 most of the other random encounters
are set between 30 and 40. OK now build the datebase and load the game, add it to custom games.

I'm not really sure if it will add to the game with the savegame addmod tool, so start a new campaign and you will see you own encounter coming up the map.

Editor's Note: If you have useful information or hints about this process please feel free to let us know and we will update the tutorial.