Silent Storm and it's expansion Sentinels are very good games, but sadly there are few pages out there dedicated to them. There are a few however, and most of them should be listed here. If you see one missing, be sure to tell us! Besides that, thanks to Zombie for providing us with the links!

Official Sites

Since there are few sites dedicated to Silent Storm and Sentinels out there, the official ones are amongst the best. You should also visit the forums of these sites, as they have a lot of good information.

Official Site This is the official Silent Storm site. It's got a good deal of nice stuff, like downloads, features, forum, news, screenshots and more. It is available in both English and German.
Nival's S2/S3 Site This is the developer Nival's Silent Storm site (now gone). It's got a good deal of nice stuff like downloads, features, forum, news, screenshots and more. It is available in both English and Russian.
JoWooD's S2/S3 Site JoWooD is the publisher for Silent Storm. Their information site for the game has features, FAQ, forum and more. The site is available in English and German.

Fan Sites

There are a few good fan-sites out there. Well, two to be precise. One of them, S2HQ, is in the process of being integrated into StrategyCore. Until that is done however, you can find a link to it below. None of these sites are being updated much these days however.

S2HQ Gomisan (Biggles) made this site around the time Silent Storm was first released. It is the best fan-site out there available in English, and all fans of the game should visit it. It's got information on modding, weapons, items and so on, as well as files, tools and a forum (that is now part of StrategyCore). We are currently hosting the content of this site, but not all features are always available.
S2HQ ( Due to our temperamental server and host, large parts of S2HQ may not be available until the contents have been fully incorporated into site pages here. For this reason, you should also consider looking at what has. This is a large and good Russian fan-site for Silent Storm (unfortunately, now down). It had regular updates until the end of 2004, and was well worth a visit if you read Russian. This is a German site dedicated to tactic games. It's got some good information on Silent Storm, like features, requirements and a review lists.
Silent Storm Mods There is a small list of mods at this tripod site. You can find most of them in our files section, but take a look if you wish.

YouTube Video Links

If you would like to see how Silent Storm plays, there is no better way than to watch a video. YouTube has a bunch of them all with different missions, music or commentary. A number of them are quite informative too. Below you will find the complete collection of everything I could find. If you see one which is missing, please let us know.

Just testing Fraps (recording program) PTwolf uploaded this video to test out Fraps. About 70% of it is Silent Storm and the rest is Battle Realms.
Girliest man scream ever Short from HotleadJ, with Fritz screaming like a girlie-mon. Quite funny.
SS2 Music video The first allied mission and another one set to music by Green Day and uploaded by ltgirsnak. Unfortunately the music track is permanently muted due to copyright violations.
Destructible enviroments in pc games - Silent Storm Old video of Silent Storm uploaded by Mamiya645, which shows a house rigged up with all kinds of grenades and the inevitable giant explosion. If you like big booms, this is the one to see.
Silent Storm 2 german intelligence assault Out-manned and outgunned, narkobass shows us how he kills enemies. Lots of great weapons to see.
Silent Storm PC video game trailer This is the official trailer released by Nival/JoWood and uploaded by gameboyuk. Awesome. You can also find the same video here which was uploaded by familyfriendly.
Silent Storm - Trap Very funny video by GoldenArrow08 showing a mine being set and the subsequent delayed reaction death by the NPC entering the room.
Silent Storm Gaiden Set to some toe-tapping music, this video by Brickwalker shows Silent Storm in the snow. Also has some funny death animation loops.
Silent Storm Fan video Video from CorpseFool set to music. If you want to see what a firing line looks like in Silent Storm, take a peek.
Silent Storm - Random encounter (Panzerklein) Great video from HorrendusPT showing the awesome destructiveness of the oft hated Panzerkleins. Keep an eye out for the superb lighting effects as a Panzerklein walks out of the shadows.
Silent Storm - How to enter a building Another video by HorrendusPT showing that there is more than one way to skin a cat when trying to enter a building.
Silent Storm - Random Encounter Yet another video by the prolific HorrendusPT with lots of different toys to showcase and some strategies too.
The Angry Video Game Nerd - Silent Storm A short from Isvaffel. Even though he may be hard to understand at times, his accent is awesome and very funny. "Ok, he shoot man not in face, but balls". (At least, that's what I think he said). Shows some great uses for the potato masher grenade too.
Klaus This is the first part of a great video series also by Isvaffel detailing the adventure of Klaus, a German sniper behind enemy lines. Isvaffel's funny brand of humor and Russian accent makes for an entertaining watch. He also supplies some very useful tips and strategies.
Klaus 2 The adventures of the intrepid Klaus continues in this second installment in the series. Isvaffel provides some close ups and slo-mo death animations of the enemies.
Klaus 3 Klaus: the epitaph. God rest his Nazi soul. Touching, yet very chilling to see what he found out.
Silent Storm Nice video by Atilla showing (to good effect) the proper use of Strafe in combat as well as a bunch of cool weapons and mission types.
Silent Storm (J2ME) Video by NeXtGroup showing the J2ME version of Silent Storm running on a Nokia S60 cellular phone. Worth a look.
Silent Storm Sentinels A quick runthrough of the first mission in S3 on maximum difficulty settings by CorpseFool, using a custom built scout. Took roughly 10 minutes to complete, and this was his first try. This is sped up 2x so it is both annoying and very funny to watch at the same time.

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