No-Panzerklein Modification (S2)


Panzerkliens (PKs) are probably the most controversial (some would say hated) aspect of the Silent Storm games. This mod attempts to correct this by removing PKs from the game, and replacing them with regular bad guys.

Please note - the game was designed with PKs in mind, so simply replacing PKs with regular soldiers (as this mod does) will affect game balance, making the game somewhat easier to beat. Sorry, no getting around that.

Mod Effects:
Specifically this mod replaces all PKs with regular terrorist soldiers that have various heavy weapons. (MGs, RPGs, Sniper Rifles, Grenades, etc.).
All PK weapons have been removed from the Base Inventory and Chests.
The BHLG (laser gun) has been removed as well.

Use the AddMod tool HERE to add mods to your saves easily.

Read more and provide feedback in this thread.

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Author Cookie
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