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After the events of S3, the sentinels began to break apart with no longer having a common enemy. Many remained as mercenaries, and a few began working for crimelords, corrupt politicians, etc... After a period of time, a conflict of interest arose between these remaining sentinels and in-fighting insued. And thus, the mod begins as a simple revenge story.

- There will not be any panzerkleins or the other sci-fi elements...
- Weapon damages and ranges will be closer to how they were in S2, but many are slightly more powerful...
- Melee weapons AP costs and damages have been overhauled, should be a more useful alternative for any character now...
- Item costs, hiring costs, and healing costs have been greatly reduced and hopefully better balanced...
- There is no longer a global map or chapters maps, zones are connected by clickable 'passage objects' (only the hero is required to activate and be in proximity). Inventory management should now be more crucial and plus an added challenge of having to carry any unconscious characters through a few zones to get to a nurse/doctor.
- Most zones are potentially random encounters. Enemies will be placed via script through 'timers' and 'random probabilities'. So RE's will be random and not units already placed in a specific spot in any given zone (unless it's a zone staged for plot advancement )
- Many NPC's will offer quests and rewards that will just be optional for the player. However, any 'accidental' killing of a useful NPC means they will remain dead forever...
- A transit system will be availible later in the game to reduce traveling time and unnecessary zoning - availible for a cost that is.


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Silent Storm: Sentinels Box
Developer: Nival Interactive
Publisher: 1C Company


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